You will need
  • - Microsoft Office Excel.
Start Microsoft Office Excel. In the data input screen you fill in this matrix for subsequent computation of its determinant. Highlight one of the unoccupied cells in the table, enter the following formula: “=MODIED(ak:fg)”. In this case, ak will denote the coordinates of the upper left corner of the matrix, and fg is the bottom right. To obtain the determinant, press Enter. The desired value will be displayed in the chosen empty cell.
Use the Excel functionality to calculate and other values. In case you do not know how to use formulas in Microsoft Office Excel, download special themed literature, and after reading you will be quite easy to navigate in this program.
Carefully read the names of the values of formulas in this software, because improper input you can spoil all the results, especially those who perform several of the same calculations for one formula at a time.
From time to time test received in Microsoft Office Excel the results of a calculation. This is due to the fact that the system could occur any change with time, in particular this applies to those who performs work on the template. Always it is useful once again to compare the results from several ongoing calculations.
Also, when working with formulas-be very careful and avoid your computer viruses. Even in case of operation with formulas in Microsoft Office Excel you need a one-time, review the functionality of this program to a greater extent, because these skills will help you in the future to better understand the automation of accounting and use Excel to perform certain tasks.