You will need
  • Spreadsheet editor of Microsoft Excel
To solve the most simple problems - addition in the cell of the two numbers, proceed in the following sequence:- click the empty table cell;- enter the " = " sign. The editor will understand it as entering formulas in a cell - type operation is a mathematical operation, for example, 2+2. The contents of the cell should be: "=2+2". If you need to add more than two numbers - enter as many as you want, the rules are not changed. For example, =2+2+3+8+12;- when you have finished, press Enter. The table editor will calculate the amount and show it in the same cell.Instead of an arithmetic operator "+" use the sum function. It can look like this: =SUM(2;2;3;8;12).
If you need a form of summation of multiple cells for continuous use, then it can be done:- in a free cell, enter the first item number and press Enter;- in the next available cell, type the second term and hit Enter;- in the third press the "=" and click the first cell (containing the first term). Then click the "+" (addition operator), and click the second cell down. The contents of the third cell with the formula will look like this: =A1+A2. Press Enter, and the third cell will be the result of adding numbers.Now you can change the values in the cells add up, and the result in the third cell will change accordingly.
Folding cell does not have to be only two - this can be a range in the row or column of the table. In this case, to enter a sum function (SUM) is easier to use hot keys. To do this, hold down the SHIFT key and select the range of cells with arrow keys and press ALT and =. In the following the selected range cell, Excel will enter a sum function in a selected range. If you need to sum all the column or row to highlight it is not necessary - just press ALT and = at the next range cell.
If you need to put the contents of the cells are scattered in unrelated areas of the table to indicate they will have to manually. In the cell where you want to see the result of such summing, click " = " then click the cell with the first item, click the "+" and click the cell with the second item, etc. When all summed cell will be highlighted - press Enter.