You will need
  • The table editor Microsoft Office Excel 2010 or 2007.
By default, each table cell, Excel applies the format, which is called "General". It implies that the equal sign at the beginning of the cell contents, means that it the formula is placed. It is inconvenient, if in fact the sign of equality is only part of the text. In such cases, the tabular editor usually shows instead of the text of the error message in the formula. You can correct the problem by changing the cell format to "text". To do this, start with selecting the desired table area - column, row, or group of cells.
Open the drop-down list placed in the group header row of teams, the "Number" on the "General" tab of the application menu. Scroll to the bottom and select the bottom line is "Text". The same can be done another way - click the selected range, right-click and select "Format cells" from the context menu. Click on "Text" in the list of "number formats" and click OK. The procedure is completed.
If cells display formulas instead of results of their work, apparently, you should change one of the settings Excel. To do this go to the Formulas tab and click the "Show formula" - it is placed to the right of the caption "Impact cells" in the group of teams "based on formulas". This icon is in the on state needs to be highlighted in yellow.
This defect is repeated every time the document is opened, if this option is recorded in the settings of Excel. To change the appropriate setting, open the main menu of the table editor and select "Options". In the list of topics, click on "Advanced" and scroll down the settings list to the section "Display options for this worksheet". In the "Show formulasinstead of their values" to remove the checkmark and click OK. When you close the document, don't forget to save that situation is not repeated the next time you load in the table editor.