Turn on the Microsoft Office Excel program. To calculate the determinant of the matrix menu is used for entering data, select the required matrix. One of the empty cells of the table, select and enter the formula: =MODIED(ak:fg), where ak are the coordinates of the upper left corner of the matrix, and fg is the lower right. To obtain the key, press the Enter key. After that, the cell in which you typed the formula displays the value of the matrix.
Use Excel to compute other values. If you have no experience in using formulas in the functionality of Microsoft Office Excel, explore special themed literature, after reading which you will easily enough to navigate in this program.
Carefully read through the names of the values of formulas in this program. If you enter them incorrectly, you and the results will be incorrect. Especially if you want to perform multiple similar computations according to the same formula at the same time.
Periodically check received in Microsoft Office Excel the results of a calculation. It is necessary, as periodically are any changes. This is especially important to do for those who carry out the calculations for the template. It is useful to compare the results of several calculations.
Working with formulas, be careful and try not to allow your computer got viruses that may be responsible for failure of the program, and thus incorrect results.
Even if the entries with formulas in Microsoft Office Excel you need to perform only once, still carefully read the functionality of this program. This knowledge will help you in the future to better understand the automation of accounting and use Excel to perform certain tasks.