Open Excel by double-clicking on its icon. Carefully consider the interface opened the program and find the line marked with the letters fx. To enter a simple formula, click on an empty cell. Enter to the selected cell of the first equal sign (=), then the required values. Press Enter. For example, to calculate what is the sum 5+2, type in a cell "=5+2" without the quotes and press enter. In the cell the result will appear — 7.
If you want to add up the cell values, click on the empty cell (A1). Enter the number with a preceding number sign of equality. In cell B1 enter another number. In cell C1 put "=" sign and select cell A1.
Type the arithmetic sign (the operator) addition, multiplication, division, or other mathematical operation signs. Select cell B2. Press Enter. Please note that the number of cells is not limited. To view the formula, double click with the left mouse button on the cell and press Ctrl+apostrophe (Russian e).
If you need to specify a sequence of actions, enclose the formula in parentheses. In long formulas with lots of parentheses, if you forget to put one of them, Excel will display an error message. Fix it — enter the missing parentheses.
To multiply the number 1 by the number 2 insert in an empty cell the number 1, press the multiplication sign (*) and enter the number 2. The number should be and must be right, otherwise the program will fail. Use arithmetic signs to perform mathematical operations with numbers. For exponentiation, use the ^ character, e.g. "=3^2". Also record the degree formula "=DEGREES(2;3)". After pressing Enter in both cases you will see the result — 9.
Limit used in the formula text quotes from both sides. For example, the erroneous formula "=Peter" should look like "="Peter"". To combine text of two cells, write in an empty cell the formula =1&2, where 1 and 2 — cells (A1, A2, B1, B2, and so on).
Enter in the formula bar "=SUM(A:A)" to add up all the numbers from the given column A. the Column can be changed. Type in "=average(A1:B6)", to calculate the average value in the range from A1 to B6.
To insert a complex function, open the "Insert" → "Function", and select from suggested categories or select "Feature" in recent versions of Excel.