Advice 1: How to reflect the part-time staffing

In the preparation of the staffing table, as a rule, no problems with key employees. But the people working part-time, have caused economists and cadres the question of how to reflect the part-time schedule?
How to reflect the part-time staffing
A common mistake is to attempt to demonstrate in staffing the actual number of employees. Naturally, the positions at the main staff, issues do not arise. As for part-time workers, they are trying to reflect fractional numbers, respectively, a rate of, for example, 0.4 or 0.5 units of the state. This approach is not the most appropriate, as it complicates the work, although it would seem, and allows you to track working hours and payroll employee part-time. Note that the notion of "rate" in the Labour code just yet, so the staffing costs to operate only with integers, that is occupied by the part-time position should be added as a unit.
This option is convenient because even if this position is not one person but two, or you want to hire a regular worker instead of part-time workers, you do not need to edit your payroll schedule. With regard to the perceived difficulties with the payroll, they are easily eliminated properly drafted employment contract for part-time. For example, the labour code provided that part-time cannot work more than 16 hours a week at the rate of 40 hours per week for full-time employment is 40%. Accordingly, intending to appoint a part-time salary or hourly charge, just specify in the contract 40% of the amount of wages for full-time. However, your part-time worker may receive wages equal to the regular rate, if it is directly related to the work being performed successfully. In the case of piece-rate wages is better to use the planned system that allows you to not bind the income of the part-time salary similar to the main employee.
Useful advice
Make a copy of the staffing, and in the notes note how many workers you have running for certain positions. It is better to have the ability to quickly make changes to their marks, as the number of part-time workers may vary.

Advice 2 : How to make the hiring of part-time

When performing work functions on two jobs in the same company or within the two organizations is part-time. It is made in the contract, order. The entry in the work book have the right to make only the main employer. Part-time is assigned to the payment, as a rule, depending on the time actually worked or the number of manufactured articles.
How to make the hiring of part-time
You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - the forms of standard contracts;
  • - the form of the order T-1;
  • - application form.
Decoration of the interior of a concurrently employed person accept from him the statement. It is written in any form, but with the caveat that the position is a part-time basis. Send the document for consideration by the Director, which in the case of consent affixed visa.
Enclose with the part-time employment contract. Specify the conditions of work of the employee. Enter the form of payment (piecework, time-based). Write that the employee is remuneration depending on the number of hours worked or the number of produced goods (parts). Note that the Locum has the right to work on additional posts in their spare time, but no more than four hours a day. Accordingly, the monthly salary will be half of the wages specified in the staffing for a particular category of employees.
Complete your order, use the form T-1. Fill in the details in the document, familiarize with him part-time on receipt. As a rule, the order serves as the basis for making entry in service book. This can be done only if the expression of will by the employee.
To make an entry in the work book of an employee is required to sign a statement addressed to the Director. Last viewed document, and then issued an order for personnel services. Personnel officers make entry after entry about the original post. If the employee has the basic work necessary to make the entry of dismissal with an additional, and then to the main office.
When making foreign workers an employer for additional positions entitled to enter into a specialist contract (drawn up with the stipulation of part-time). Personal start card headhunters, it entered employee information (personal data, education, etc.)
In the work book, the employer from whom the employee performs work functions in combination, to make the entry not allowed. The employee requests a certificate of proof of employment at a specific company. The document is certified with a blue seal, signed by the Manager.
The main employer is recorded the combination on the basis of reference. And she shall follow after the record of the reception at the main place of work, only followed the entry of additional posts.
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