Determine what method will be changes in staffing: the order about the introduction of new positions or approval of the new staffing. This decision should be coordinated with the leadership of the organization.
According to article of the labour code, name, entered office must strictly comply with applicable on the territory of the state qualification handbooks, which are approved in accordance with legislation. The name of a profession prescribe in accordance with the list that is listed in the unified tariff and qualification guide approved by resolution no 787 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 31.10.2002.
The unified form of the order changes to staffing does not exist, so the chief of staff or CEO has the right to develop its own. Its design should correspond to the requirements, established in GOST R 6.30-2003, requirements for business documents.
In the preparation of orders be sure to specify in its title that changes in staffing are made in connection with the commissioning of the new position. In the header of the document, write the full name of your company, the number and date of the order. Don't forget in the last paragraph of the main text of this document is to specify the officer who is control over the implementation of this order.
Put in order the signature of the Director or the officials authorized for it. Matching signatures can put the chief accountant and the head of the personnel Department.