You will need
  • - handwritten texts by famous writers;
  • - a computer Word;
  • - clean notebook;
  • - marker/pen/pencil.
To start think about how you would like to see your handwriting. Explore the different fonts and handwritten texts by famous writers. Pay attention to features of writing in the elegance of the handwriting of people who lived in the days when there were no typewriters, no computers, and each letter written by hand.
Get a special notebook for training and choose the most convenient tools for writing. It can be a pen, pen with thin or thick core, a simple pencil. Even if you don't plan to use them daily, just to practice some time. They will help you come up with and add to the handwriting of new artistic features.
Practise writing individual words and sentences until you will be able to create different forms and shapes. Try the cursive form of writing sentences, work on painting.
Ask the person whose handwriting you like, write some large text on a sheet of paper. Slowly try to rewrite it on a clean sheet, trying to display every letter. Can add some decals, change the inclination of text, etc.
Can also cut around each word on a sheet with text. This should be done slowly and carefully, repeating every contour of the letters so as not to go beyond the line. Practice this several times.