You will need
  • A sheet of white paper, a simple graphite pencil, markers, pens or pencils black and red.
First you need to use a red marker or marker and write the word that you want. In order that the letters looked solid, we should label them the same width and length. The letters may not necessarily be narrow, but rather can be extended, for example, in length or width, it will give them a special magnificence.
You can draw the letters tails, preferably of the same length, so as to provide script exposure in the same style.
The initial billet.
In the next stage, the entire field area, which is highlighted in red, will be perceived as a field for further work. White background while it is not necessary to touch. Begin to fill in the field with black spots, as if on the wings of a ladybug. Spots it is best to do not too big, not to negate the red texture.
Ladybug becomes recognizable.
Now the letters you can make it even more colorful. Begin to turn the spot into small balls-circles. The word is given to the joyful and playful nature.
Now you can, and the signature in this font set.