You will need
  • - report card;
  • calculator or program "1C".
To calculate salary for recycling, follow the instructions provided by article 152 of the labour code. Watch processing count based on the difference between the actual exhaust for hours and hours, which should be used in the billing period in accordance with the labor laws. If the employee in the employment contract indicated that irregular working day, in accordance with article 119 of the LC RF hours of processing the payment is not subject to as irregular working day is an additional holiday.
Payment processing calculate the cost of one hour work of an employee in a payroll period. For this salary, divide by the number of hours in the billing period multiplied by the number of processed hours and two. With the salary amount received add to the salary, add the award and a regional coefficient, subtract 13% and the advance is issued. The end result will be the salary for the current month.
If the employee has expressed a written desire instead of the double payment to get an extra day off, all hours of the count processing in single size. If an employee receives a salary, then calculate the cost of one hour of work in a specified way, multiply by recycled watches, add to the salary, add the district factor and the premium, deduct income tax and issued a part of the salary advance payment.
If the employee receives hourly rate, the calculation is more simple. Multiply the tariff rate for processed watch, separately calculate the payment for the required hours of work in a payroll period, add the district factor, the award and subtract the down payment.
Don't forget that by recycling you can attract employees only with their written consent. Only urgent and emergency work in excess of can be carried out without the consent of the workers. You can't attract in excess of more than 120 hours per year and 4 hours for two days.