You will need
  • The labour code, regular schedule, a single tariff schedule for organizations which are funded by the Federal budget.
Determine the type of organization, for the employee whose salary is calculated. If it is an organization funded by the Federal budget, the wage is set by a Single pay scale. If the enterprise is commercial, the size of the salary established on the basis of financial capability, but not less than the statutory minimum wage.
For commercial enterprises, the salary is established in the staffing table, you can determine the amount of payment, taking the figure from the same position. It is also important to remember that the minimum wage is not taken into account allowances, bonuses, bonuses and other incentive payments, additional payment for hazardous or heavy working conditions and other social and compensation payments.
In addition to staffing for the calculation of the salary of the new position use the selected calculation method: grading method or method factors linked to the salary of key specialists.