It is believed that money is a primary motivating force in Russia. The quality of work for an employee depends on how much he gets. We have people in the same position can get very different compensation depending on the company. For example, a lawyer with experience of 5 years in a small firm can earn in the region of 40,000 roubles, and in a large enterprise or consulting company with a worldwide reputation - in the region of 300,000 rubles. Of course, the amount of monetary compensation is important, but not paramount.
When payroll is usually the following questions arise:

- is it worth it to pay the salary only money or additional services (the"social package"). Do you need a social package at all? And if needed, how and for whom?

- should the salaries consist of fixed and variable parts? As they should соотноситься7

- do I need to pay the premium bonuses?
Social package has one weak point: everyone needs money, but the services included in the benefits package is only part of the employees. If your office is located outside the city, that secretaries will be happy to use corporate transportation, and the Director of the sales Department it is not necessary because he has his own car. Despite the fashion for healthy lifestyles, corporate fitness interesting not to all. So it makes sense to provide a social package only those services that are really necessary and convenient, both for you and for your employees. Sometimes the business owner a little cheaper to raise the salaries of employees, rather than to participate in the program LCA.
With regard to the structure of the salary, it all depends on the type of work. If the employee directly depends on the result of an action (e.g., sales managers), the variable part of the salary to enter just need. Then a successful sales Manager will be motivated to sell more of your products and services and careless employees, you will be able to pay less. The variable part can be up to half of the salary, as to assign too little makes no sense (not motivates) as too much (it would be difficult to find people willing to work almost bare interest). Secretaries makes no sense to set the variable part of the salary because they are responsible for the workflow of the office, and a direct result of their activities (for a profit of one or another form of work) is not in principle.
If the company is interested in successful employees remained in their seats as long as possible, it is necessary to provide appropriate mechanisms in the compensation plan - bonuses and awards. They will be a nice indication that the employer values the employee. This is something that could "bind" a successful employee for your company. The same role play and prizes. Their size depends on the capabilities of the company and employees. Makes no sense to give bonuses to everyone, to encourage better always for something for successful completion of the project, for example. Equal bonuses to all just "work in", not have a special motivating force.
Exactly how much to pay each employee, depends, of course, primarily on the capabilities of your business. There is a dependency from the labour market - despite the fact that the average Secretary gets 20,000 to 40,000 rubles, it makes no sense to pay him, for example, 60,000 rubles, even if your company can afford it. It is important to understand that the wage depends not only on positions and responsibilities, but also on how a particular worker can do the job. Paying two sales managers the same salary, despite the fact that one of them is more successful, a business owner will make just two mistakes: he's not going to motivate a more successful Manager and will be too high to pay for the work is less successful. The result is falling sales.