You will need
  • - an appeal addressed to the head of the administration;
  • - copy of the identity document of the applicant;
  • - extract from the Unified state register of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs (original);
  • - legislation on the issue;
  • - notarized copies of legal documents on this issue.
Noting the decision of the head of administration factual or editorial error, write to the appeal. In the upper part indicate to whom you are applying (position, surname and initials), and also data on the applicant — surname, first name and patronymic, registration address and phone number. You can attach a photocopy of the identity document.
The main text of the treatment start in the same way as any statement: "Please amend the text of the decision of the head of administration...". Write the full name, date of adoption and number. You can also specify the date of publication and publication name. Note, in this connection, you are asking to make changes and the point at which the error occurred. Mark the date and signature.
Print the appeal in duplicate. Pass it through the Secretary General or the Department and make sure that the document was endorsed. Usually consideration is given 30 days. The period may be extended if required additional expertise. But in any case you should get a written response.
If you believe that the decision does not comply with the Russian legislation — refer the complaint to the Prosecutor. It's helpful in the case when you do not fixed the actual error. The Prosecutor's office will check. It can detect in the violation of the law, and in this case, will render a protest and oblige the local authority to amend.
The change in resolution may be made by the court. Before you write the application, consult with a lawyer working in this area of law. In the statement specify, what legal standards does not correspond to the disputed document. It is also useful to look for precedents when similar issues were made fair, in your opinion, judgments.