Symptoms and causes of ear mites

Often every second kitten purchased as a gift from the smiling aunties on the market is infected with such nuisance. This happens when improper care and a weakened immunity in the market kittens. They day have to be on the street in a box in a large company of orphans. About the necessary hygiene traffickers do not care, do not change the box, and kittens for several hours are among their own feces.

Sometimes ear mites is put in contact with dirty water in the ear of a kitten. Carriers of ear mites may be stray animals, which the kitten had contact. For humans ear mites are not dangerous.

In addition to the obvious concerns of the kitten with his ears to detect ear mites helps examination. Ear mite itself is microscopic, and to see, you can only the products of his life.

Take a kitten on hands and gently turn inside out upper part of his ear that was visible inside. Dirty brown lumps and flakes in the ears of the kitten indicate that the ear mite parasite is already on your pet. Neglected infection can affect the brain of cats and lead to neuroses, and in rare cases even death of the animal. So as soon as possible to begin treatment.


For treatment, you will need rubber gloves, cotton pads and sticks, plastic bags and a towel. And should be purchased in veterinary pharmacy special drops and hygiene lotion for the ears. Ear cleaning for cats, the procedure is unpleasant. To avoid scratches, wrap the kitten in a towel, like a swaddled child, leaving only the head.

Prepare everything and place at arm's length from your intended location. Wear gloves, sit back and put the kitten sideways on his lap. The light should fall on the left side. Moisten a cotton disk sanitary lotion and carefully wipe the ear of a kitten, removing lumps and scabs. Also, use cotton swabs, but in any case not to shove them inside your ear, otherwise you can damage the ear.

Used wheels and sticks put in the prepared plastic bag, which is then immediately thrown out to avoid re-infection. Take the drops and drip them into the ear canal of the animal at a dose of 3-5 drops. Gently massage the base of the ear. Repeat the same steps with the other ear.

During the procedure gently talk to the kitten like a baby. Can even possycat a bit. Your voice will help soothe the kitten, which will greatly facilitate the cleaning of ears. For treatment efficiency, the treatment of the ears should be carried out twice with an interval of 5-7 days. In the preventive purposes of this procedure repeat once in 2-3 months.