If you feed your pet prepared food, you may prefer konservirovannoy than dry because canned food has a more pronounced aroma, making faster will cause the appetite of a sick cat. Try also to feed him small pieces of tuna. When an animal gets sick, it most often decreased appetite. Because the nose is stuffed up, the cat can not feel the flavor of food. It is necessary that your pet be sure to eat well during illness to avoid loss of strength.
как лечить у кошек насморк
In the rooms where your pet is, use a humidifier. The extra humidity in the room will greatly facilitate the breath of your cat.
как вылечить насморк у котенка
Always be sure that your pet has a supply of fresh water. To prevent dehydration, it is necessary to frequently drink water.
для заживления раны глаза у кота
Constantly clean cat eye with a soft tissue or cotton wool pad soaked in warm water clean from various secretions, to prevent the formation of crusts around the eyes and nose. Rate yourself selection. If they get yellow or green color, the cat may have an infection. In this case, it should immediately show the vet.
как лечит кошку от простуды домашных услоиях
Use vaseline or baby oil for treatment around the nose to prevent dryness and formation of crust.
кашель у котят
You can bury your cat drops from a cold. On the first day, 1 drop to one nostril. On the second day, 1 drop in the other nostril. So keep putting the drops for 5-7 days.
If you have a home live other cats, protect them from contamination by placing in a separate part of the house up until the sick cat will not recover.
If the condition of the cat does not improve or even worsens after 7-10 days, take him to the vet. Otherwise there may be complications, such as pneumonia, which requires medical intervention.