When a cat has a cold, his appetite is reduced, there is lethargy and apathy. Vitamins and immunomodulators will help the animal to quickly deal with the disease. In any case it is impossible to treat pet medications for humans. They can have the most unexpected impact, good, if not severely harm the pet. For cats , there are his own medicine specially developed for them. If the cat is just cold, then he quickly recovers himself.
If the cat is sneezing, nose is running, he picked up an infectious disease. Even if the cat home, still he had where to get – on the soles of shoes people bring in the street a lot of germs. Infections in cats are treated with antibiotics, vitamins, immunomodulators. Antibiotics come in pill and injection, other drugs, typically implemented as injections. Do not attempt to treat tailed with a cold, all of these drugs have to be remapped specifically for cats, and to write their vet needs. Sometimes, in order to determine the disease you want to do analysis of the nasal mucosa of the cat, as well as the conjunctiva and oral mucosa.
A sign of a healthy cat – a wet nose. If it's dry, that caused by it can be as hypothermia and something else: from dehydration to parasites. Cause of runny nose in a cat may become allergic reaction. The house is full of substances and compounds that are harmful to cats, from all sorts of household chemicals to cosmetics.
If the cat sneezes continuously, it's not the flu, and probably a foreign object hit him in the nose. Usually cats get rid of these things yourself, but if problems arise, immediately contact the vet.