You will need
  • - immunomodulators and stimulants;
  • - anthelmintic drugs;
  • - sorbents;
  • - natural food (raw meat);
  • - a thermometer;
  • disinfectants for processing of plates cat;
  • - analysis of blood;
  • - diuretics.
First and foremost, you need to carefully analyze the symptoms that have cats. Coronavirus is characterized by an unstable chair, which does not depend on the change of feed, poisoning or other factors. In addition, cheerleaders should and mucus and blood in the feces of the animal. Also the cat becomes lethargic, drowsy, she displayed a poor appetite and vomiting. If you know how to measure the animal temperature, will be able to see that the cat observed temperature jumps. But it's no bother to exercise will not. Once infected with coronavirus, the cat may lose coordination, to hide from the world and show other neurological disorders. And one of the characteristic signs is the enlargement of the abdomen on the background of the General diet of the animal. This occurs by reason of fluid in the peritoneum.
An accurate diagnosis can the doctor appointment on the result of manual inspection and data analysis. As a rule, to confirm the diagnosis, prescribe the biochemistry of the blood, by which it becomes clear that the animal has kidney problems and liver, and an increased number of lymphocytes and a number of other indicators.
To treat the coronavirus must. However, it is worth considering that many doctors believe that to cure an infection is impossible. But you can try to clear the virus from the animal, and hope that the treatment will help. First and foremost you need to give the cat adjuvants and modulators. This is necessary in order that the body of the animal was able to effectively deal with the infection and won it.
To remove fluid from the abdomen use diuretics, which greatly simplifies the condition of the animal and reduces the expression of coronavirus.
If your home has multiple cats, they definitely need to split. First, cats are carriers of the virus quite a contagious. Second, if multiple cats you have a sick, virus, each of them appears differently. And so they circle each other is not infected, and they need to be isolated.
In the process of treatment is necessary to disinfect all the items of cat - plates, sippy cups, toys, etc. all you Need to do in order to avoid re-sarazena.
Cat, sick with coronavirus, it is necessary to translate on natural food. Despite the fact that commercial feeds are more balanced, it is proved that the coronavirus when eating canned food and crackers goes bad from the animal body. Especially effective on the treatment effect of feeding raw meat.
In the treatment should be carried out antihelminthic therapy. The more toxins in the body, the worse it is treated. You also need to take the sorbents at deterioration.