Rinsing the eye. To wash the eyes of the cat, take a cotton pad or swab, moisten it in a pre-heated solution of boric acid, which is especially designed for washing the eyes in animals. Gently wipe the eyes of the cat, if there is drainage or sand, then remove them.
If <strong>eye</strong> hit the dust or dirt, you need to wash them
The eyedrops. To put cat eye drops, first wash the eye, then rotate the head of the animal so that the eyes were directed upwards. Then, holding the pipette at a distance of approximately 1-2 cm, drip drops. Make sure that the cat blinked after instillation of drops and spread over the cornea.
Как лечить глаза у собак
Eye ointment. If the doctor prescribed cat eye ointment before the procedure, you can heat it to body temperature. Then the ointment is much faster will be distributed over the eye, the effect will be better. Rinse the eyes of the cat, and then, slightly pulling the lower eyelid, apply to bare ointment, closer to the corner of the eye. Cover your fingers with eyesto the ointment evenly dispersed on the inner surface of the eye.
чем можно лечить глазки у кота
If cat eyes leaking mucus or pus, that is a bad sign. It is better to consult a doctor, and not to assign a home treatment. Significant discharge from the eyes – a sign of infectious disease or parasites that should be treated using medicines. To identify the disease and write prescriptions can only be a veterinarian.
могут ли слезится глаза у кота от чесоточных клещей
The eyes may turn red due to an allergic reaction, which could be caused by anything from improper food to household chemicals. In this case rinse the eyes of a cat. If symptoms recur, then you need to find and remove the cause of the Allergy.
чем лечить насморк у кота
If the animal's eye is injured, seek immediate medical attention. Even if it happened at night, and the night vet you are unable to find, come to TRAVMPUNKT to people and politely ask the staff to help you. If the animal to provide timely help, no matter how terrible the injury in appearance, eyes of a cat can fully recover. Even injuries to the cornea can be cured. The delay can also deprive your pet's view. There are heartless people who abandon the injured animal, others think that everything will heal. But really, some things do not heal.
как вылечить насморк у котёнка