From tearing the kitten is most often the result of a weak immune system. Baby needs certain vaccinations until they are done, the body will be inhabited by different kinds of viruses that cause watery eyes and even suppuration. It happens that reason is and helminths (worms). Therefore, at an early age the kittens need your help in the daily care of eyes. A good tool for daily hygiene of the eyes of a kitten is a drug "Diamond eyes". Of course, you can do or chamomile tea rinses, but they are much less effective. The drug should drip 2 drops in each eye, 2 times a day. To make it easier to dribble - take the kitten to my knees and lift up his head, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. In this position, the eyes will be revealed. After that, wipe the eyes of a kitten with a cotton pad, otherwise it's going from scratch. Please note that for each eye, use a separate disk (for saving can cut into 2 pieces one cotton pad). There are other eye drops for the kittens that can be bought at any pet store or veterinary clinic. If after 1-2 weeks the eyes are still watering - be sure to consult a specialist. Sometimes causes of slezotechenii the kittens can be infectious disease, such as like chlamydia, Mycoplasma or herpes. The first symptom of these infections is the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and lacrimation. In addition, the eyes of a kitten can tear and in connection with allergic reactions or mechanical damage. Allergies can occur due to house dust, pollen, and contact with eyes wool. Mechanical damage can be associated with britovsek hot oil, sparks from a fire, grains of sand caught in the eye, and many other factors. In any case, if you notice any symptoms of inflammation of the eye kitten, it is better to seek specialized help.