You will need
  • - VIN-code car;
  • - Internet access
Find out VIN number your car. Usually it is specified in the technical passport of the vehicle and has the appearance of a room, which consists of a group of numbers and Latin letters. This number stands out on the car. For example, it can be found on the left on the dashboard, it needs to be seen outside, through the windshield of the car. Sometimes the number is specified in the doorway of the car from the driver's seat. Some manufacturers VIN-code can be specified in other places, for example, under the hood of the car.
Determine the year of manufacture of the vehicle by its VINcode. This information can be obtained at the tenth digit of the code. So you decode the model year of the vehicle. Keep in mind that really, this machine could be produced for the year until the date indicated. However, the tenth digit indicates the fact that the car did not appear later this year. Look at the eleventh a figure standing in the VIN-code, it is the month in which was made the vehicle.
Putting the VIN number of the car, you will get access to information on its original equipment. This is especially true for those who buy a used car. To do this, use the services of one of the databases that are available online. Choose free resources. Please note that the sites that require you to specify the phone number most likely are scams.
Get detailed vehicle information, for example, when he was imported to the Russian Federation, if a used car was involved in an accident. This information is provided for a fee at special databases. Examples of these resources can serve as AutoCheck and CARFAX. To access them through a Russian site which provide paid services to verify the VIN codes.