You will need
  • Documents on the car, private cars, Internet access, telephone.
First look at the technical documentation on your car. Any reputable dealer will indicate in the document fully loaded. Of course, this step assumes that you imagine what the equipment. Equipment is a set of options included in the device of the car. Usually there is a set of default – the so-called basic equipment. Further, the dealers offer to equip your car with additional features. And as they are added, the car is transformed from basic to top-end configuration. For sure own to find out what equipment your car, you can, if you know the decoding of the VIN number of the car.
Inspect your car for the presence of VIN numbers. If you cannot find it, contact the service center. If you do not find the VIN, refer to the factory vehicle document.
Contact the service center. You can call, but better to drive. Dictated by the Manager showing the VIN or serial document, you will receive a detailed description of the vehicle.