To get an assistant of a lawyer, determine what law organization in your city or area you want to work. Talk with friends lawyers, consider their recommendations. Seek advice from the Chamber of advocates. Choosing a professional Association, contact him and confirm the order reception to assistants to the lawyer.
As a rule, the conditions for obtaining the status of an assistant of a lawyer are the same. You will need to undergo a preliminary interview with Chairman of the Presidium of the Collegium of advocates and provide completed forms of application, curriculum vitae, certificate of the educational legal institutions, the work book and the photos on the documents.
Get in the waiting room of the Collegium of advocates program to prepare for the qualifying exam for the position of assistant lawyer. Prepare for it and return at the next meeting of the special Commission. By results of examination the decision on your employment as assistant counsel.
In a bar Association or a law office you have to work, determines the Presidium of the Collegium, he appoints you a lawyer, an assistant whom you will work. Recruitment for the post of assistant of a lawyer is carried out on the basis of fixed-term employment contract, usually the period is 2 years.
After enrolment you will be entitled to receive additional education and will have to pass a course, organized by the Council of young lawyers, functioning in many bar associations.
After graduating from high school and receive a diploma, confirming this fact, you may want to Intern. This requires a positive response from your supervisor.