Start conservative treatment of scoliosis under the supervision of a specialist. Observe the prescribed motor mode, eat on the assigned diet, take prescribed restorative procedures. Doctor may recommend wearing a special corset and sleep on medical beds, exercise, massages, physiotherapy, swimming lessons.
Reduce static and dynamic load on the spine. Do not sit long at the table, more walk in the fresh air, move. If scoliosis a sick child, properly organize the place where he does lessons. The height of the table and chair should match the growth of the baby, a table lamp should be bright. Pick a semi-hard mattress on the bed and low pillow, better orthopedic.
The most important weapon in the fight against scoliosis exercise therapy. Doctor must prescribe these classes individually or in group. Duration of one session – 35-45mins, it will be necessary to do 4 a month, and then repeat the course. Do not limit yourself to the exercises during the lessons with the coach. Repeat them at home. First and foremost strengthen your back muscles, waist, abdomen. Don't forget about pulling the spine exercises and breathing exercises.
If conservative treatment of scoliosis do not give the expected effect, as the disease progresses, you will have to resort to surgery. During the operation, the surgeon will stabilize the spine and reduce the curvature, removing the deformation. But for surgical treatment suits better in adulthood when puberty has passed, and the skeleton is finally formed. Otherwise there is a risk that the scoliosis will continue to progress after surgery.