Radiological classification of scoliosis is carried out according to the method of V. D. Chaklin the First degree of scoliosis is a diagnosis which is put in the case, if the angle of deviation of the spine from the norm is equal to 1-10 degrees. In addition to the angle of deflection on x-ray can detect objective evidence during the inspection. The head of the patient can be lowered, shoulders rolled one shoulder girdle above the other. There may also be asymmetry of the waist, when bending forward arc is detected; if the patient is rectified, then the arc on the spine becomes invisible.
The diagnosis of "scoliosis" put x-ray examination, when the deflection angle of the spine is 11-25 degrees. Appears asymmetry of the neck, the pelvis of the patient is uneven, and lowered on the side of the curvature, the lumbar has a deep cushion, while the thoracic spine has a significant protrusion. If at the first stages of the disease, the curvature can be detected only when the inclination of the second degree curvature is visible at any position of the body.
The third degree of scoliosis. Radiograph showing the angle of deviation of the spine to correspond 26-50 degrees. The patient is skewed, there is strongly delineated by a rib hump on one side and the indents of the ribs on the other hand, muscle deep, on the side of a skewed arc edges contiguous with the iliac bone.
The fourth degree of scoliosis is characterized by the angle on radiographs of more than 50 degrees, the patient is fully bent, the ribs in the curve fall on each other, while on the other hand the muscles are stretched to the limit and the intercostal space is maximally stretched.
Third and fourth degree – this is a very severe form of scoliosis, which most often progresses and leads to complete immobility. Disturbed function of the heart, lungs, pelvic organs, which leads the patient to disability.
The shape of the curvature at any degree of scoliosis may be C-shaped, where the curve of the arc, S-shaped with two arcs, E-shaped with three or more arcs.
Localization of curvature is in the cervical-thoracic, thoracic, grodnovodokanal, lumbar and lumbosacral.
If you are diagnosed with scoliosis, you must comply with all recommendations of the doctor, systematically undergo re-examination.