Methods of treatment of scoliosis

If you experience pain in the back, be sure to contact the surgeon. After all, the specialist after thorough examination of patient is able to assign the correct medical therapy of scoliosis. Usually, treatment of such diseases is based on conservative and operative methods.

Conservative therapy involves the wearing of corsets and the implementation of the extrusion, electrical stimulation, physiotherapy, normalization of the motor mode, the limit loads. In addition, the high efficiency in the struggle with scoliosis has a manual therapy, which consists in correction of deformity using special techniques to guide the joints into the correct position.

In addition, important is the implementation of daily physical exercises that allow for a long period of time to fix the degree of curvature of the spine at the same level. Degenerative scoliosis is recommended medical therapy comorbidities. Also, the treatment of this disease shows the appointment of a specialized diet consisting of proteins, minerals and vitamins. In addition, the formation of scoliosis should perform the correction of excess body weight and obesity.

In the absence of the expected actions of conservative treatment and increasing pain resort to surgical intervention. Often surgical treatment therapy is used when further progression of the disease to stop is not possible. In addition, the operational method helps to relieve the load on the internal organs and elimination of cosmetic defect.

Massage as a means of dealing with scoliosis

It should be noted that the arcuate curvature can be corrected with the help of a massage therapist. He not only has a healing effect on the body, but it promotes relaxation and recovery. In addition, massage has a positive effect on the nervous, circulatory system, joints and ligaments; the metabolism; the skin. The main purpose of massage is to relax tight muscles and toning weak. However, be aware that massage must be performed only by an experienced technician, because such manipulation implies a certain effect on specific locations of the spine and other bone components. Consequently, as a result of this procedure is to restore normal position and functioning of the vertebral discs.