Advice 1: What to do if the stroller is left

The owners of classic carriages and prams-transformers, without turning the wheels at least once, but faced with a common defect when the stroller is in motion leads to the side - left or right. This problem can have several causes. But do not rush to take the stroller in for repair, as you have a chance to fix it at home.
What to do if the stroller is left

The causes of defect stroller

There are three main causes that provoke the care of a stroller to the left. The first lies in the different tire pressure. The second is a non-symmetrical geometry of the frame. This may be caused by external damage, a temporary distortion or manufacturing defects. The third reason is the curvature of the axis of the wheel.

Methods of addressing the root causes of the defect stroller

First we need to run diagnostics on all of the wheels of a stroller. Check the tire pressure and if necessary swap the wheel.

If all the wheels are normal, go to the following reason and try to fix the geometry of the frame. Given the fact that the distance of the frames from the two sides must be identical, try it manually a bit to bend the frame. Increase the distance between wheels on the side that leads. In this case, the left side of the frame, pry, and right, on the contrary, slightly squeeze. To avoid damaging stroller, it is not necessary to exert maximum forces. After that test-drive.
To check the progress of the stroller, previsite it in a straight line. If the wheels continue to the left, try again repeat the entire procedure.

If this doesn't fix the problem, go to the third reason. The axis of the wheels also play a significant role in the smooth course of the stroller. First, do a thorough inspection, and then proceed to fix. To do this, turn the wheelchair so that the rear wheels were lifted and the front rested on the floor. Slightly step foot on the left wheel and the axle next to the wheel, a hand grip the axis of the rear wheel and choppy start to pull it up.
Try to pull without strong pressure not to break the wheel axle.

This way you will stretch the width between the front and rear wheel, which due to the incorrect addition or physical pressure may be reduced to 5 cm Then flip the stroller back to the starting position and shake it from side to side. Test the movement of the stroller. If the first attempt to remedy the defect to the axis of the wheels did not work, do not be discouraged, repeat this procedure again.

However, please note that if your stroller has a strongly broken geometry, frame leveling will be almost impossible without the help of a specialist and special equipment. So first, rate the degree of damage to the wheelchair. If it is significant, don't waste your time and energy, contact customer service.

Advice 2: How to do a cartwheel without hands

Wheel without hands also called "Arabian Salto". In sports terminology, the term "flip" refers to the rotational revolution of 360 degrees or more from the scene through the rotation of the head through the feet. Arabic flip – side revolution with the group. Is performed with one or two legs. This acrobatic technique used in various types of martial arts and is a severe blow to the head.
How to do a cartwheel without hands
The warm up should include the following elements:
- stand with your legs apart at shoulder width, handsand scatter in different directions. Touch foot to handI. the Movement should be slow, gradually increasing speed;
- spread your legs as if you are going to do the splits. The body should be smooth. Wait a few minutes so that the muscles used to stretching;
- stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then lift your leg and body at the same tilt in the opposite direction. Touch handsto floor, then return to starting position;
- in the position "standing on the handsAh" try to make a move ownerAMI. At first do this exercise with the help of an assistant or leaning on wall.
- raise your handsup and place them shoulder-width apart, at a distance of one step from itself, lower the handsand on the floor, leaning forward. Then with a quick movement, raise your legs up. Rack on of handsOh to stand still for a minute;
After performing these exercises you can start doing the wheel without hands. First lift one foot, shifting all the weight forward.
Wave handsOh sweep flip, the other handOh do max for the upper body. When both handsand placed shoulder-width apart and look forward - make a lateral tilt of the body.
Before you start doing the wheels without hands, to warm up, as pre-warming the muscles helps avoid injury. In the warm-up be sure to include this flip, do it first with both hands, then have to go to the wheel with the weight on one hand.
Then raise your lead foot behind them and expand the feet on the trajectory of the wheel. Powerful Maha and wheel made.
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