Advice 1: How to determine the curvature of the spine

One of the common diseases in children is curvature of the spineand. Severe curvature have a significant impact on the function of internal organs. It is important to notice the problem and contact your doctor.
How to determine the curvature of the spine
First and foremost, pay attention to your body, rather than on its proportions. Stand in front of a mirror and look at the shoulders. If one of them is visually higher than the other, it is a reason to consult a specialist and discuss with them the fact. If the thoracic spine has a convex form, and its angle more than 45 degrees, there is warping, go to the hospital.
If you notice signs of slouching in your posture or protruding ribs, sign up for a consultation with the podiatrist. The early stage of the disease usually does not cause concern in humans but should be treated carefully to their health, because it is at an early stage, the disease is easier to treat.
If you look at the back shows that the angle of the scapula sticks out, it is a symptom of the curvature of the spine, requiring an immediate solution. Another symptom of the disease is considered next. Stand up straight, straighten the arms along the body. Will see if the same distance from the waist to pressed to both sides of the hands. If the distance is different, so the spine is curved.
Lean forward, ask someone from relatives to look at your spine. When the body is tilted curvature of the spine visible.
If you have back pain often, you feel painful muscle spasms in the region of the curvature, see the doctor, after inspection you will be sure to say whether you have curvature of the spine or pain associated with some other disease. Weakness and numbness are often symptoms of diseases of the spine that is pinching the nerve roots of the spine. In complicated form of disturbed breathing, a failure occurs in the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.
If the person has pain in the stomach, chest or even the head, it may also reflect the pathological processes in the spine. Usually these symptoms are characteristic of complex forms of curvature of the spine. If you do not start timely treatment, there is a risk of developing epilepsy, hypertension, or other pathologies of the respiratory tract against the background of this state.

Advice 2: How to treat curvature of the spine of the house

Timely detection of scoliosis or, in other words, curvature of the spine, allows time to begin treatment and to correct posture. To make a diagnosis and to recommend strengthening activities may be a doctor, but the treatment of scoliosis is long-term work that needs to be done constantly, including at home.
How to treat curvature of the spine of the house
You will need
  • - hard bed;
  • - sport activities;
  • - a backpack or satchel;
  • - comfortable working space;
  • - corset.
Try to detect the disease as early as possible - the sooner taken, the more effective they are. If changes of the spine discovered in a child up to 8 years, it is possible to complete the cure, after 15 years you can only pause the process. Often curvature of the spine occurs due to monotonous sedentary work, in this case, often do gymnastics right in the workplace, change your chair more comfortable.
Change the way of life. Sleep on a flat hard bed – no thick mattresses, sofas and spring grids. Take care of physical activity, the correct alternation of rest and study (or work), comfortable working place. Mandatory sports – ball games, swimming, skiing. The exercises should be performed symmetrically, so that the muscles develop evenly.
Engage in therapeutic exercises. It will be useful to hang on the bar, but not to jump off it, and carefully climb down using the chair. Discard bags or briefcases shoulder – it is necessary to distribute the load evenly on the shoulders, it is best to carry a satchel or backpack.
Sign up for classes in choreography, competitive dancing, children up to 10 years as a result of lessons the spine can completely straighten up. You can also ride a bike, play football and other outdoor games. It is not necessary to skate, skateboard, jump, play badminton and tennis, run long distances – the condition can worsen. Biggest benefit for child or adult – from swimming, the muscles in this sport optimal.
If the curvature of the spine pass massage courses, electrical stimulation (effects on muscle by electric current), acupuncture, and other procedures – all under the supervision of an experienced physician. It may be helpful to wear a specially designed corset, chosen by the doctor taking into account features of a Constitution.
In the treatment the main task of the doctor is to prevent disease progression and, if possible, to seek correction of spinal deformity. You must direct all attention to strengthen muscle corset of the spine and the formation of posture. In addition to gymnastics in the treatment of spinal curvature very effectively swimming.
Useful advice
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Advice 3: How to eliminate night pain in the stomach

Gastralgia – the so-called cramping pain in the stomach, indicating any disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. In most cases these appear painful at night and are accompanied by feelings of hunger. To dull the pain can be from eating something. Therefore, the night stomach pain still namyvayut hungry.
How to eliminate night pain in the stomach

Causes of night stomach pain

Night stomach pain can be a symptom of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and can even be triggered by psychological problems. The doctor, whom you should contact for an accurate diagnosis you will need to perform the entire clinical picture, to exclude neurological disease and reaction to a stressful situation. This symptom should be considered in conjunction with other signs: the presence of abdominal bloating, vomiting, nausea, heartburn and burping, a time of day when there is pain, its intensity, etc.

If such pains disturb you, seize them does not make sense, even though it brings temporary relief. Muting the pain, you can skip the time disease in which it can go to the acute or chronic stage, such as gastritis in long-standing form, which will trigger the development of stomach ulcers. Such pain can be a symptom of focal inflammation and ulcers of the stomach.

The attacks, which regularly disturb you through the night 6-7 hours after dinner, can be symptoms intestinal ulcers. And very often night "hungry" pain testify in favor of the ulcerative process in the duodenum, erosive duodenitis. This is confirmation heartburn, constipation, vomiting with a sour taste that occurs in the peak of pain and after which they disappear. Night pain may cause opisthorchiasis, fascioliasis, and strongyloidiasis, or clonorchiasis, as well as helminths of the hepatobiliary system.

Treatment night pain in the stomach

As you can see, the "hungry" pain may indicate a quite serious pathological changes in the gastrointestinal tract, so first and foremost you need to see a gastroenterologist, so he gave you the tests, identified the cause and began treatment. In any case be self-medicate, otherwise you risk only worsen the situation and start the disease.

Mandatory component of treatment is special medical diet but no weight loss diet. In the early days can be slightly hungry, to relieve the digestive system. Subsequently, from the diet should exclude all spicy and salty, fatty and fried. Cook vegetables, meat and fish dishes for a couple. Eat minced and soft foods – cereals, mashed potatoes. Divide the day into 5-6 receptions and eat in small portions, to reduce the load on the digestive tract.
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