If the degree of curvature of the spine are significant, and the disease progresses, the most commonly used surgical methods of treatment. In this case, you usually set the clips and endartectomy that hold the spine in a normal position and gradually correct the curvature. But it all depends on age and how the spine is curved. Perhaps specialists will develop for you a plan of conservative treatment. Try not to delay medical consultation.
The most important method of treatment of different types of curvatures of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis) – exercises of physical therapy. They are physician individually for the patient taking into account his age, body condition, and individual health characteristics. Moreover, the correction is made not only the spinebut also the pelvis, legs and feet. Write down exercises, and later you will be able to perform them at home.
Try to use the swimming pool because exercises physical therapy goes extremely well with the swimming, especially breaststroke.
In some cases, is shown wearing a corset. He gets the doctor and is worn for several hours a day, helping to achieve correct posture.
To treat curvature of the spineusually also prescribed physiotherapy. These lot of methods, such as thermotherapy, reflexotherapy, balneotherapy, acupuncture, electrical stimulation of muscles, etc. as additional treatment can be administered also strengthen cartilage and bone tissue dietary Supplements and chondroprotector.
One of the factors that contribute to the curvature of the spine, is the weakening of the link between joints and the muscle corset. This happens most often because the body's disturbed metabolism, and a shortage of "building materials" to build cartilage and muscle tissue. Because of this important role in correcting curvature of the spine plays a proper nutrition. Try to enrich your diet with foods containing vitamins C and D. vitamin C contained in rose hips, citrus fruits, sweet peppers, black currants, spinach, parsley, etc. Vitamin D rich cod liver oil, mackerel, salmon, wheat germ, milk and eggs. In addition, this vitamin is produced by using the ultraviolet rays, and thus, often try to stay in the fresh air and sunbathe.
Remember that no therapeutic methods of correcting the curve of the spine will not be effective if not will work around the clock over posture. Try the house on the head to carry a sack of sand to subconsciously fix the correct position of the spine.
Up against the wall, touching her neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and buttocks and heels. Remember this position and try to stick to it when walking or doing some work.
Lifting weights should not be. If we have to do, wear a backpack. When you lift, your back should remain flat. Bend your legs, closed their knees and try to lift the object with muscles of the thighs.
Go right, easy, "from the hip" and keep your head up and look. If standing straighten your shoulders and keep shoulder blades back a little. But try for a long time in one position not to stand. Paramenides from foot to foot, patentability, "Pointe" feet. Relax your back muscles.
Seat pick the suitable growth chairs, preferably with a straight or a shape of a spine back. The table should have a height so your shoulders are not raised. But to sit too. Periodically, stand up and do simple exercises.
Sleep on a hard bed. Under the spine it is possible to enclose a small roller. The same roller can be used, putting it between the knees when you lie on your side.