Advice 1: How to fix the deformity of the chest

Deformation of the thoracic cage may be congenital or acquired. In turn, acquired deformities of the chest can occur after illness, such as rickets, tuberculosis, lung disease, chest injuries. Congenital deformities of the chest are divided into: funnel-shaped, flat and keeled. Most often a funnel-shaped deformation, which is characterized by the impression of the bone of the sternum directly inside, in the direction of the spine.
How to fix the deformity of the chest
Conservative treatment of funnel chest deformation is possible only on a first-degree strain. During this period, you can try to delay the progression of the disease with special exercises and practicing certain types of sports (volleyball, basketball, swimming, rowing). On the second and third stage of deformation is assigned to surgical treatment. The operation is performed on the patients aged 3 to 14 years. Child before surgery should be carefully evaluated in order not to miss any other diseases that could cause deformation.
Keel-shaped deformity of the chest or chicken chest" is an increase in the size of the chest. In this case, the sternum protrudes forward considerably, and edges at an acute angle to join her. The treatment of thoracic deformities is the following: prescribed physical therapy, swimming and exercise therapy. If the patient's condition is still getting worse or there are changes in the cardiovascular system, it may need plastic surgery (thoracoplasty).
No exercise can't correct a deformity of the chest, you can only slow it down or even stop. In addition, all this is possible only in the first stage of the disease. Bodybuilding classes, in addition to the slowing down of the deformation process, also allow to hide it at the expense of muscle mass. Particular attention in the correction of deformity is given to the exercises for chest: dips, bench press, pullover, layout of dumbbells lying, and in this exercise that affect extension indirectly: pull-UPS, deadlift lower and upper unit. The stronger the muscles of the chest, the better. Therefore, the most effective exercises are: bench press inclined on boards and on a horizontal surface.
Cilavegna deformation of the breast. Keeled chest is only expressed in degrees can affect the health, slightly severe keeled chest does not carry health risks and usually requires no correction. Exercise is unlikely to affect a change in the type of keeled chest.
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Keeled breast (chicken breast, pectus carinatum) is a congenital deformity of the chest caused by protrusion of the sternum anteriorly and articulates with her ribs. Keel-shaped deformity of the chest - a disease manifested at birth. Among the causes of impaired fetal development may be various factors that adversely affect the mother's body during pregnancy.

Advice 2: How to treat a chest deformity

Chest deformity may be of two types: congenital funnel-shaped and keeled. Most often, these deformities occur in children which is characterized by asthenic development. The disease progresses with the gradual growth of the child's body and cause significant cosmetic defect of the front wall of the chest. As a rule, the deformity of the chest can be combined with curvature of the spine.
How to treat a chest deformity
Complete observation. According to the testimony of doctor prescribed individually the treatment. The conservative treatment of funnel chest change may include: therapeutic exercise, massage, swimming, breathing exercises. These methods are rarely helpful in achieving correction of the deformity, for the most part they contribute to the improvement of external respiration functions and elements of the cardiovascular system.
In rare cases, a special vacuum bell. This method is developed for the correction of deformity of the chest by a German engineer. However, he did not sufficiently widespread throughout the world due to the large bulkiness of the external device to the retainer, its a prolonged use, the appearance of frequent complications in the form of a subcutaneous hematoma.
In turn, with keel-shaped curvature of the chest in addition to methods of physical rehabilitation is applied, the impact of pressure on the keel of special medical units. However, they also have many shortcomings, as the vacuum bell.
There are absolute and relative indications for surgical intervention for the treatment of deformities of the breast. Serve indication relative deformation of the second degree, which only cause a cosmetic defect and does not affect the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The absolute indications are strain third degree and more, within the interest of the internal organs.
The main objectives of surgical treatment of funnel-type deformation of the breast are the correction of deformation (restoring the correct position of the ribs and sternum), as well as hold the breast in a fixed position using various clamps.
During the preoperative planning, the doctor must consider all of the deformation that need to be addressed. After abandonment, even if a small element can lead to unsatisfactory cosmetic result.

Elevationa thoracoplasty - this operation increases as in the funnel and the fin funnel-killed strain of the chest volume pleural cavities.

Advice 3: How to fix a curvature of the spine

Curvature of the spine is one of the most common orthopedic diseases in modern humans. To correct curvature of the spine is possible with the help of therapeutic massage, special exercises, physical therapy and use of orthopedic corsets.
How to fix a curvature of the spine
Auxiliary method of correcting curvature of the spine is physical therapy. It is held usually in conjunction with other methods of treatment. Physiotherapy is a set of natural (water and dirt) and artificial (magnetic radiation, ultrasound, electricity) factors that have on the human body therapeutic effect. Assigned to you, physiotherapy will strengthen your muscular system, will create favorable conditions for removing blocks spinal motion segments, eliminate pain and improve the work of many internal organs.
One of the methods of correcting curvature of the spine is a therapeutic massage. Its impact is able to normalize muscle tone, improve blood and lymph flow throughout your body, to strengthen the back muscles and chest. Performing therapeutic massage to correct curvature of the spine always occur in sequence. First massage to the back, then lower back and buttocks, then – thorax and abdomen.
To correct curvature of the spine is capable of a special medical corset. To achieve positive results, wearing it you will have several hours a day for many years. Only under this condition it will really eliminate the deformation of your spine.
Special therapeutic exercises are recommended to do daily for all people suffering from curvature of the spine. Exercises included in the complex, strengthen muscles forming the muscle corset. Very useful when curvature of the spine of any degree swimming and skiing.
Regardless of the degree of curvature of the spine and the method selected to correct it, observe the day, often have a rest, walk in the fresh air, stick to rich in vitamins nutrition.

Advice 4: How to fix 3 degrees of scoliosis

The prospect of treatment of scoliosis depends primarily on how much the deformed spine. Scoliosis of the 3rd degree is a serious disease that leads to multiple developmental disorders of the musculoskeletal system. So to fix it requires a lot of time and effort.
How to fix 3 degrees of scoliosis

How dangerous is scoliosis of the 3rd degree

Pathological curvature of the spine is the main clinical sign of this disease. As it progression there is the appearance of compensatory arc of the spine and the formation of S-shaped or Z-shaped scoliosis. Along with the increase of the asymmetry of the shoulder blades and shoulders, the clinical picture appears a violation of the anatomical structures of the pelvis and gross deformity of the chest with the formation of the rib hump. Thus, in the pathological process involves the entire skeletal system and disrupts the development of the internal organs, especially the respiratory system. When the patient is unevenly distributed uses the right and left parts of the lungs, involuntarily increasing the volume of the respiratory movements on the part of the formed arc of the spine.

The main methods of conservative treatment

Treatment of scoliosis of 3 degrees must be comprehensive. It is to slow and stop the progression of disease, so it is very important early diagnosis and timely initiation of therapeutic interventions.

One of the main methods of treatment – physical therapy, namely, muscle stimulation using electric current. It works to strengthen back muscles, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in affected region.

As for the massage, at this stage of scoliosis, it has to be gentle. Its peculiarity is the asymmetry: the arc of the spine the movements of the masseur should be more intense and long lasting.

Therapeutic exercises for scoliosis of 3 degrees should be asymmetric and more gentle, since excessive exercise can lead to a stronger deformation of the spine. To this end, all exercises are performed in lying position.

In some cases, surgery is required

In the treatment of scoliosis of 3 degrees often requires surgical intervention. The question of his appointment the doctor will decide, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons" after evaluating the results of complex examination of the patient. Among absolute indications for surgery – a progressive spinal deformity with angle of curvature of over 60 degrees and expressed the pain, which disappear only after taking narcotic analgesics.

If for some reason, surgical treatment can be carried out, the patient is assigned an individual treatment wearing a corset, which contributes to the suspension of development of the pathological process.
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