Conservative treatment of funnel chest deformation is possible only on a first-degree strain. During this period, you can try to delay the progression of the disease with special exercises and practicing certain types of sports (volleyball, basketball, swimming, rowing). On the second and third stage of deformation is assigned to surgical treatment. The operation is performed on the patients aged 3 to 14 years. Child before surgery should be carefully evaluated in order not to miss any other diseases that could cause deformation.
Keel-shaped deformity of the chest or chicken chest" is an increase in the size of the chest. In this case, the sternum protrudes forward considerably, and edges at an acute angle to join her. The treatment of thoracic deformities is the following: prescribed physical therapy, swimming and exercise therapy. If the patient's condition is still getting worse or there are changes in the cardiovascular system, it may need plastic surgery (thoracoplasty).
No exercise can't correct a deformity of the chest, you can only slow it down or even stop. In addition, all this is possible only in the first stage of the disease. Bodybuilding classes, in addition to the slowing down of the deformation process, also allow to hide it at the expense of muscle mass. Particular attention in the correction of deformity is given to the exercises for chest: dips, bench press, pullover, layout of dumbbells lying, and in this exercise that affect extension indirectly: pull-UPS, deadlift lower and upper unit. The stronger the muscles of the chest, the better. Therefore, the most effective exercises are: bench press inclined on boards and on a horizontal surface.