Advice 1: How to cure scoliosis at home

What is scoliosis today knows almost every student. To say that a patient with scoliosis back pain - to say nothing. Changing the shape of the pillar of the human body leads to a reduction in lung volume, heart failure, headaches and many other troubles, significantly impairing quality of life. To help myself everyone can. The main thing is not to waste time.
How to cure scoliosis at home
Why and at what point in the back of a man begins to shy away from natural curves, very difficult to assess. As a rule, actively change the shape of the spine is particularly susceptible children during the period of active growth, which accounted for 13-16 years. It was at this point when the lack of physical stress on the muscles and normal workout, they relax and waste away so that they cease to be able to hold the vertebrae in the normal position. The load that one experiences the entire spine remains enormous. It is worth noting that the more time passes since the onset of pain in the chest Department before taking action, the harder and longer the period of treatment and recovery.
To make a baby, as almost any adult, to sit straight is almost impossible. Relaxed the back muscles themselves tilt the body in one direction or another. In this way the problem help manage orthopedic belts and corsets that reduce the pressure on the vertebrae and supporting the back in position. Doctors, therapists suggest to take a course of massage for scoliosis, where possible, at least two times per year, and also not to be discounted home exercise equipment that simulates rowing, skiing and Cycling. Every parent is capable recorded your child in the pool or dancing where good posture is a must, and regular exercise strengthen the back muscles. Often cause curvature of the spine can become emotional decline. In this case, plays an important role and harmonious environment at home, active, interesting vacation, as well as spiritual practices and physical culture.
How to cure scoliosis at home
What to do if to treat scoliosis at an early stage failed? The main thing - not to exclude from the regime of the day physical exercise to workout the muscles of the back and to attend massage. Blocked parts of the spine with poor blood supply will cause problems for the more than less attention to the problem. Movement, corsets, ointments and, of course, massage will help keep your back healthy.

Advice 2 : How to treat curvature of the spine of the house

Timely detection of scoliosis or, in other words, curvature of the spine, allows time to begin treatment and to correct posture. To make a diagnosis and to recommend strengthening activities may be a doctor, but the treatment of scoliosis is long-term work that needs to be done constantly, including at home.
How to treat curvature of the spine of the house
You will need
  • - hard bed;
  • - sport activities;
  • - a backpack or satchel;
  • - comfortable working space;
  • - corset.
Try to detect the disease as early as possible - the sooner taken, the more effective they are. If changes of the spine discovered in a child up to 8 years, it is possible to complete the cure, after 15 years you can only pause the process. Often curvature of the spine occurs due to monotonous sedentary work, in this case, often do gymnastics right in the workplace, change your chair more comfortable.
Change the way of life. Sleep on a flat hard bed – no thick mattresses, sofas and spring grids. Take care of physical activity, the correct alternation of rest and study (or work), comfortable working place. Mandatory sports – ball games, swimming, skiing. The exercises should be performed symmetrically, so that the muscles develop evenly.
Engage in therapeutic exercises. It will be useful to hang on the bar, but not to jump off it, and carefully climb down using the chair. Discard bags or briefcases shoulder – it is necessary to distribute the load evenly on the shoulders, it is best to carry a satchel or backpack.
Sign up for classes in choreography, competitive dancing, children up to 10 years as a result of lessons the spine can completely straighten up. You can also ride a bike, play football and other outdoor games. It is not necessary to skate, skateboard, jump, play badminton and tennis, run long distances – the condition can worsen. Biggest benefit for child or adult – from swimming, the muscles in this sport optimal.
If the curvature of the spine pass massage courses, electrical stimulation (effects on muscle by electric current), acupuncture, and other procedures – all under the supervision of an experienced physician. It may be helpful to wear a specially designed corset, chosen by the doctor taking into account features of a Constitution.
In the treatment the main task of the doctor is to prevent disease progression and, if possible, to seek correction of spinal deformity. You must direct all attention to strengthen muscle corset of the spine and the formation of posture. In addition to gymnastics in the treatment of spinal curvature very effectively swimming.
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