You will need
  • - physiotherapy;
  • manual massage;
  • remedial massage;
  • - physiotherapy;
  • - corrective corset.
Acquired scoliosis developing in childhood and adolescence. In the period from 6 to 14 years there is intensive growth of bones and often parents don't immediately notice the first symptoms of the disease. The most accurate method of diagnosis is radiography of the spine. With its help determine the angle of spinal curvature indicating the degree of scoliosis and treatment options.
In the first stage, the angle of scoliosis is from 1 to 10 degrees. Manifests in easy stoop and a slight rise of one shoulder. These signs are able to notice a doctor. Treatment is aimed at strengthening the back muscles and torso that support the spine. Required massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic gymnastics, restoring normal posture.
Massage helps to relax tense muscles, stimulate the weakened and stretched muscles. Manual massage can be performed only by qualified specialist, inept manipulation is able to significantly worsen the disease.
Physical therapy for scoliosis includes several methods of treatment, electrophoresis, electrical stimulation of muscles, heat treatments etc.
Therapeutic exercise, swimming is the main technique posture correction, strengthening muscles of the back.
With 2 degrees of scoliosis angle up to 25 degrees. The symptoms are more noticeable and shoulders, and the blades are arranged asymmetrically. Appear periodic back pain. Treatment includes all the same techniques correction of the spine, but uses a special corrective corset.
The corset is made to order. Wearing the start with several hours, gradually increasing the time spent in the body of the patient. After the adaptation was not removed even at night. There should be continuous monitoring by the doctor-orthopedist.
Scoliosis of the third degree is treatable with the help of corrective corset, but the duration of treatment is considerably greater than in the second degree. The angle of scoliosis reaches 50 degrees, which causes constant severe back pain, deformity expressed it, the appearance of the protrusion in the rib area.
At this stage you may be recommended surgery to establish a special stabilizing system. Before the operation the necessary preparation – spine traction for several months.
The fourth degree of scoliosis with the angle more than 51 degrees characterized by severe deformation of the trunk, retraction of the ribs on one side and bulging on the other. Typically, the surgical treatment but it is recommended only in case of ineffectiveness of other treatment methods.