Auxiliary method of correcting curvature of the spine is physical therapy. It is held usually in conjunction with other methods of treatment. Physiotherapy is a set of natural (water and dirt) and artificial (magnetic radiation, ultrasound, electricity) factors that have on the human body therapeutic effect. Assigned to you, physiotherapy will strengthen your muscular system, will create favorable conditions for removing blocks spinal motion segments, eliminate pain and improve the work of many internal organs.
One of the methods of correcting curvature of the spine is a therapeutic massage. Its impact is able to normalize muscle tone, improve blood and lymph flow throughout your body, to strengthen the back muscles and chest. Performing therapeutic massage to correct curvature of the spine always occur in sequence. First massage to the back, then lower back and buttocks, then – thorax and abdomen.
To correct curvature of the spine is capable of a special medical corset. To achieve positive results, wearing it you will have several hours a day for many years. Only under this condition it will really eliminate the deformation of your spine.
Special therapeutic exercises are recommended to do daily for all people suffering from curvature of the spine. Exercises included in the complex, strengthen muscles forming the muscle corset. Very useful when curvature of the spine of any degree swimming and skiing.
Regardless of the degree of curvature of the spine and the method selected to correct it, observe the day, often have a rest, walk in the fresh air, stick to rich in vitamins nutrition.