There are congenital anomalies of the vertebral column, which are based on a variety of deformities of vertebrae: hypoplasia, additional vertebrae, the vertebrae are wedge-shaped and others. To the acquired curvature of the spine include: rachitic, paralytic, rheumatic, on the basis of habitual poor posture (often called the "school"). Deformation is the most common disease reference-dvigatelya apparatus. Curvature of the spine progresses rapidly and reaches the highest degree of scoliosis by the end of the growing children.
Heavy progressive deformation of the spine and thorax greatly affect the function of internal organs: deteriorating respiratory function; reduces the volume of the pleural cavities; it develops a syndrome of pulmonary-cardiac insufficiency and other serious changes.
To determine the presence of a curvature of the spine by the following signs: in a familiar pose posture, one shoulder higher than the other; sticks angle of the scapula; noticeable curvature of the spine when bending forward. And if you have at least one of these symptoms, immediately contact the traumatologist-orthopedist or surgeon. The specialist will examine the patient and prescribe x-ray examination will determine the degree of curvature of the spine.
Treatment depends on the patient's age, degree of deformity of the spine and the type of curvature. Scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees treated by conservative methods. Assigned a diet rich in vitamins and trace elements. The bed should be hard with special orthopedic mattress and a solid shield. A chair and a table to match your height, at the table you must sit up straight and feet should reach the floor. Important proper installation of the light. Systematic therapeutic exercises, often prescribed the wearing of orthopedic corsets. The primary means of conservative treatment is physiotherapy. Regular exercise has a stabilizing effect on the spine, strengthen core muscles, improve your posture, and respiratory function. Physiotherapy is most effective in early forms of scoliosis. The complex of facilities of medical physical culture (physical therapy) include: physiotherapy; massage; swimming and exercises in water; small items of sports; the correction position.
Preventing curvature of the spine is in compliance with the correct posture. Morning gymnastics, strengthening workout, active rest is necessary for each person, adult and child, physical minimum and it needs to include exercises, walking, running and swimming. Physical exercises are health, tonic in nature, and there are special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest, abdomen. Success will depend on your perseverance, regularity and duration of employment.
If the cause of the development of the curvature of the spine is a different length of the legs, under the short leg goes on the back of special insole or assigned to wearing orthopedic shoes. Surgical treatment is carried out at a rapidly increasing curvature of the spine. Install various kinds of mechanical endocorrector to correct curvature of the spine. 16-18 years (as they reach the end of the growth of the organism) development of scoliosis stops. Further treatment is supportive in nature (correct mode of the day, nutrition, physiotherapy, physiotherapy and massage).