The ratio of the volume and mass of water

Liter is unit of volume for liquid substances. Gallons valid to measure dry substances with a fairly small fraction. For the other solids using the concept of the cubic meter (decimeter, centimeter). The definition of the term and the concept of a litre was formulated by the General conference on weights and measures in 1901. The definition is as follows: 1 liter is the volume of one kilogram of fresh water at atmospheric pressure 760 mm Hg and a temperature of 3.98 OS. At this temperature the water reaches the highest density.

Going temperature threshold of +3,98 ° C density of water starts to decrease again, and at +8 ° C again reaches the same values as in the zero.
Steam, water and ice are States of the same substance, a molecule which contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. The difference between water in the liquid state and the solid lies in the intermolecular builds. In liquid water has a higher density than in the solid.

Which is heavier?

If any vessel to pour from, for example, 1 kg of water, it will have a volume equal to one liter. If you expose the water to freezing, and the same mass, 1 kg, water, freezing will tend to occupy more space in the vessel. Closed vessel bounded by the capacity of 1 decimeter (1 liter), ice tear. It turns out that for the same mass of liquid and frozen water, the ice will have more volume, which violates the initial condition.

If you put frozen liter plastic bottle with 1,000 ml of water (1 liter), the curing process it will result in approximately 80 ml of water. And to get 1 liter of ice, enough to freeze 920 ml of water.
If initially we start from the equality of volumes, and frozen water is ice – limit dimensions of a cube with sides equal to 1 DM (1 l), then its mass will be less than the initial pounds. How could it be otherwise, if you cut it and remove some ice, adjusting the die under a specified amount. Therefore, the water volume of a liter is heavier than ice in the same volume.

Freeze and restore

Today it is increasingly difficult to meet the pure natural water. Especially in the city where it is before you get to the apartment, filtered, chlorinated, subjected to other forms of physical and chemical treatment. Clean water is becoming scarce, the cost of produced water from artesian wells is increasing. However, it turns out, restores its original structure after being frozen and energy – it is cleaned. Therefore: drink melt water! No wonder she react so well all the spring plants and I'd love to drink animals.