The dacha Amnesty is called the simplified order of registration of the rights of citizens on separate objects of real property, which came into force on 1 September 2006 in connection with the adoption of the Law of 30.06.2006 № 93-FZ.

In a simplified procedure to formalize the right of ownership:

- for land plots that are intended for conducting of a personal subsidiary, country economy, truck farming, gardening, individual garage or individual housing construction;

- real estate objects built on such land plots.

The simplified procedure only works for lands granted before 30 October 2001 to register the ownership of such land must pay the state fee and submit to the Federal registration service application for the state registration of rights with attached documents, confirming the right of a citizen of the land. This document could be the act of the local authority on granting to the citizen of the plot or certificate of the citizen on the site. If documents are not found, it is possible to submit an extract from the household book, which is issued by the local authority.

Registration of property is dependent on the permitted use of the land on which it is built.

If the land intended for individual housing construction or for conducting a personal part-time farm, for the registration of ownership of the object references need to submit the following documents: the statement on state registration of rights, the title document for the land plot (not required if the applicant's right to this land previously registered), the payment receipt of state duty.

Also need the permission of the local government to input of object of individual housing construction in operation or construction permit (if such an object is the object under construction). If the applicant does not submit their own documents requested by the Federal registration service in the local authority. Until March 1, 2018, permission to input of object of individual housing construction in operation is not requested and the title document of the land is the only basis for the state registration of rights.

Please note, not allowed to carry out state registration of rights to immovable property, which is accounted for in accordance with the Federal law "On state real estate cadastre". The property must be taken into account in Cadastral chamber. In other words, registration of ownership should proceed with obtaining a cadastral passport, this also applies to land and real estate. Provide it to the registering authority is optional, the state Registrar may request it in Cadastral chamber. There is a possibility of simultaneous application for state cadastral registration and state registration of rights.

Cadastral passport on object of real estate not needed if:

- it is built on the land for private farming and presents the conclusion of the local authority, confirming that the immovable property located within the boundaries of the land;

- if the construction of the property do not require issuance of a building permit.

If the land plot is intended for conducting a country economy or gardening, as well as garages and other immovable property (for example, bath, gazebo, barn, other outbuildings) shall be recorded in the same manner as ownership of the object of individual housing construction. Only instead of the cadastral passport and application to the Federal registration service is the Declaration of the immovable property, which describes the object. Declaration of a citizen is on their own. That email, and register.

If you register an object at Declaration, it is better to spend the money and make a cadastral passport for it. Cadastral passport of object of real estate is an extract from the state real estate cadastre containing the unique characteristics of the property. With this document, you will be able to accurately fill in the Declaration and simplify your life in the future (for example, if you want to register in the new house).

If state registration of real estate, you have to ask for the documents and you doubt what you have to provide them, do not hesitate to be interested in what exactly the item which legislative act stipulates the duty to provide this document.

Documents on the state registration it is possible to present personally through the multipurpose centre, in electronic form or sent by email.

The validity of the 'dacha Amnesty' is not installed. The only restriction is to submit to the Federal registration service for registration of property rights to an object individual housing construction cadastral passport only (without the permission on object input in operation and construction permits) until 1 March 2018.