Redesigned the land to relatives. According to the Tax Code in the implementation procedure of gift of land to close relatives, the income of the donee received the property, are not taxed. The category of close relatives in this case are parents and their children, spouses, grandparents, grandchildren, and brothers and sisters.
Provide for the transaction of donation of the following documents, namely: cadastral passport, passports of the parties, the certificate of state registration is required , but not always, and title document. To attach additional documents, depending on the situation, such as: marriage certificate, proof of family relationship, certificate of no debt.
Provide first specified paper for drawing up a relevant agreement to the notary of the municipality where the land is located. The new owner of the land must apply to the Registrar with the application for state registration of transfer of ownership from donor to donee. After about a month he will receive a certificate of registration of ownership rights to the land. Only this time, he will belong to the donee.
Redesigned land on other people or on very distant relatives. The difference of this situation from the previous one is that the transfer of land to a new owner triggers taxation. The receiver receives income in the form of land, respectively, is obliged to pay taxes to the budget. They make up 13 percent of the appraised value of the land. The rest of the process of donation to strangers is no different from giving close family members.