Install first, what is the purpose of the future land, which will become the property of another person or entity. From this fact depends on whether or not to transfer land into another category (for example, out of the ordinary land in the agricultural land). The procedure and grounds for re-registration of ownership of land is established by two main acts: the civil code and the Land code.
Initiate a basis for this case. At the same time, you should know that the priority in the legal nature remains in the Land code. Re-registration of ownership of land takes place in several steps. Therefore, the Foundation is the initial move. In particular, it allows for voluntary registration of land ownership under the contract, the court decision comes into legal force, as well as a special procedure for entry into inheritance relationship because of their specificity.
Will draw up a contract of sale with deed of assignment, where you specify the details of the transferred land, its market value, land category, the name of the new owner. Here, the important point is the legalization of the rights of the new owner, the basis of what is issued in his name, the original copy of the contract of sale and the certificate of state registration of rights to the land.
Enclose a deed of gift, he also gives the right for re-registration of land ownership. This form is somewhat different than a sale because the former owner transfers free of charge right to the object. Documents available in the hands of the new owner, identical to the first case.
Apply for by right of inheritance. In the period of 6 months from the date of opening of the inheritance of the land formerly in the ownership of a valid will indicating the disposition of a particular property for a family, or writing the Declaration of accession to the inheritance in the presence of inheritance by law. The General order provides for the existence of a survey plan (prepared at the request of the former owner and paid by it), passport to land (prepared for the new owner). These documents are an integral part of any contract and inheritance. Making them strictly formalized.