You will need
  • videolist of state registration of rights of ownership, cadastral passport of the land plot, technical passport of the house.
Make a donation contract with the former owner of the land. You can do it yourself or hire the services of a notary. On the basis of this contract the station will pass to you from the previous owner on a Pro Bono basis.
Take in Bureau of technical inventory documents for the house. It is also necessary for land inspection to take the documents on the ground. These documents include those that confirm the right of ownership to the land plot owner, who gives you this plot. You also need to take the certificate on the state registration of the right of ownership, if the right was registered after 1997, the cadastral passport of the land plot, technical passport of the house. If the owner is married and the land was purchased during marriage, it also requires the consent of the spouse certified by a notary.
Submit all these documents to the Federal Registration Service for conducting re-registration of rights of ownership in that area, which is the plot.
Sign a contract of sale. But since the contract of sale is not registered in the state bodies, the time of conclusion of the contract and transfer of the right of ownership are two different things and happen at the same time.
After conclusion of the contract of sale, collect the same documents that are required and the donation of the site. Pass the entire set of documents in Management of Federal Registration Service for the completion of all procedures for re-registration of rights of ownership.
If the land belongs to you by right of use in perpetuity and you want to translate it into property, write a statement about the acquisition of rights to land plot. This statement together with the cadastral plan of the site to take it to the Executive body of state power or body of local self-government. Within two weeks of the state bodies on the basis of your application are taking the decision to transfer land to you in the property or offer to conclude the contract of purchase and sale.