You will need
  • -passport of the donor and bestow
  • -documents of title to land
  • -extract from the cadastral passport, cadastral plan, the certificate of the cadastral value
  • -notarized authorization from all owners
  • -deed of gift
  • -a statement in regcenter on behalf of the giver and the receiver
  • receipt about payment of state duty for registration
  • -personal notification of tax authorities about the transaction
To give a land plot can only its owner. If the rights of ownership of, any legally significant transactions, which include gift, can not be made until the registration of documents of title.
For registration of land ownership need to invite the land use organization for maintenance. On the basis of the work performed will be obtained technical documents that should be registered in a Central land registration, cadastre and cartography, the plot is put on the cadastral account and take out a cadastral passport for it. An extract from the cadastral passport and the documents of title to land must apply to the state cent of the registration of real estate and obtain a certificate of ownership. After receiving this document, you can give the earth.
For the transaction of donation to draw up a contract of donation. It relates to the legal documents. For gift property, none of the parties do not have obligations to each other and responsibility for the transferred property, to conclude the contract of donation in the simple written form or by a notary. If the contract is concluded at the notary office, the notary takes 6% of the value of land, but in the case of loss of the document you can always get a copy of it. For the registration of a notarial contract, in addition to all of the received documents, you must submit a certificate of the cadastral value of the land.
If the plot is jointly owned by the spouses, for the transaction of giving their children permission from the other spouse is not required. If the station is commonly shared ownership together with other persons, required notarized authorization for the transaction from all the owners, if the share of each is not isolated in nature. The split in court shares the resolution of other persons in the donation of land is not required.
For registration of the transaction at the national centre must submit the contract of donation three copies, passport of the donor and the donee, an extract from the cadastral passport of the plot, the cadastral plan and the certificate of the cadastral value.
When contacting the registration center must submit an application on behalf of the donor and the donee. The request must be in place on the form a standardized form. After which ownership rights are registered in the name of the donee. The land becomes his property.
If the transaction of gift is enclosed with close relatives, the tax is not paid for it. The donation to distant relatives or strangers you need to pay tax for the donation, which is 13% of the cadastral value of land.
In any case, after the registration of property rights bestowed on a person, you need to contact the district tax office and inform about the transaction and the transfer of ownership to another person.