You will need
  • Passport or document replacing it; Internet access.
Ask the seller of the land provided the following documents:
- title document. It may be a contract of sale, certificate of privatization, a contract of exchange, certificate of inheritance, donation contract, an extract from the household book, etc.;
- right supporting document. If the right of the owner registered in the Federal registration service, then this document will become the Certificate of state registration of rights to land;
- the cadastral passport of the land plot. Carefully review the document for compliance of all parameters ( permitted use, area, rights, etc.) of the title document. Note the column "Special notes". If there is a mark that the boundaries of the land are not set in accordance with the law, the plot of before committing a transaction it is necessary to dissociate, i.e. to set its coordinates and exact location.
In order to verify the absence of restrictions on the use of land (arrest, easement, other rights holders, etc.) in the examination order an extract from EGRP (Unified State Register of rights Holders) for the selected plot. This can be done via the Internet on the Portal of public servants in section "real Estate" or came to the regional Department of Rosreestr.
If you think that everything provided by the seller documents meet the requirements, it is possible to draw up a contract of sale of land. It needs to contain a detailed description of land plot cadastral number, mailing address, area, permitted use, land category. The contract should clearly spell out price and payment. If the contract is made correctly, the specialist of the Federal service for state registration has the right to refuse its registration.
Another variant of contract – appeal to the notary at the location of the land. The notary conducts a further analysis of the submitted documents that will protect you from unpleasant surprises and guarantee the proper execution of the contract of sale.
After the agreement of purchase and sale of land is made, you need to register it in the building. For this it is necessary to pay the state duty. Receipt save, because it should be left to experts in, among other documents, necessary for registration of the transaction. In the presence of a specialist of the Federal service for state registration complete the application on the state registration of the transfer, a statement of registration of ownership of new owner. In addition, you should prepare a cadastral passport of the land plot, the title document for the seller's name, identity document, contract of purchase and sale.
After the adoption of the documents submitted for registration, you will be given a receipt for their receipt. It will show the date of delivery of the certificate on the right of ownership acquired a land plot. The preparation of the new certificate takes 20 working days. After this time you must come to the office rosreestra and to obtain a Certificate of state registration of ownership of the land.