You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport of the land plot;
  • - copy of cadastral plan;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - the act of receiving the transfer;
  • - notarized permission from all owners for the alienation of land;
  • - payment of state duty for registration.
To make the transaction of purchase and sale, the seller of land should be its owner and to have on hand a list of the documents necessary for registration of ownership rights to buyers. The area should have a cadastral number cadastral passport, cadastral map and an extract from these documents, and to have delimited boundaries, the act of agreeing with neighbors on the boundary. The buyer of land shall have only the identity documents. That is, all obligations on registration of documents for the site and preparing them for sale is on the seller.
For processing the transaction of sale and purchase take the extract from the cadastral passport, copy of cadastral plan, you will also need a certificate of title to land. According to article 244 of the civil code, if the land is owned by several persons, you will need notarized permission to sell from all the owners. If the site is designed by one of the spouses and the marriage is registered, then the other spouse will need a notarized authorization of the sale of land as matrimonial property is shared, regardless of to whom it is issued (article 256 of the civil code and 34 SK the Russian Federation). If the spouses have a marriage contract indicating the percentage of each or the land was acquired before the marriage or became the property by inheritance, the property is the sole property of the spouse named in the certificate of ownership. In this case, the notarial consent is not required.
Next comes the preparation of the contract of purchase and sale. This document is governed by articles 549-558 of the civil code and may be concluded in simple written form, with all the requirements of the law at the time of the transaction or the notary. The signed agreement is not a document indicating that the transaction is concluded. The transaction is considered complete and only concluded after the state registration of ownership rights to the buyer (article 164 of the civil code, 433 of the civil code, 122-F3 of the Federal law).
The transaction does not register, if the documents will not be attached to the act of reception-transmission. This document specifies all the terms of the sale, the exact location of the plot of land belonging, that is, to what kind of land belongs sold property, the exact dimensions and instructions of the seller that the land has no encumbrances and all liabilities of alienable property executed. Also, the seller himself says that if you find the debt, the rights of third parties, encumbrance, it undertakes to settle the conflict. The document is sealed by the signatures of the seller and the buyer. Transaction is registered in the Federal registration centre, the buyer receives a certificate of ownership in his name.