The contract of donation, like any other civil contract, is possible only after coordination of all its essential conditions. In our case, the condition is the subject, which are of different material values or rights requirements. In the absence of the contract information on the subject of the gift it is concluded.
The subject of donation are both movable and immovable property (or their share), such as houses, apartments, villas. Let us dwell on the latter. So gift giving (share), like all other real estate transactions, is subject to obligatory state registration. It is necessary to collect following documents (depending on the specific legal situation, the list of documents varies; here it is presented only in General form):
- statements of parties on the state registration;

- the document which certifies payment of the state fee (Bank receipt and its copy);

- passports of the parties to the Treaty;

- the draft Treaty;

- the act of reception-transmission of suburban buildings, unless otherwise provided by contract;

- the cadastral passport on object (a country house, if available);

- the documents confirming the right of ownership of transferred property (or part), such instrument act civil law contracts;

- a certificate from the BTI.
After collecting all necessary documents it is possible to conclude the Treaty and its subsequent state registration. For this you need to apply with the above documents to the Registrar of your region. If the documents are checked for their compliance with the legislation, the decision on registration of this agreement (entry of corresponding record into the uniform state register of rights to immovable property). From the moment of state registration of the property is converted into property other hand.