Sanctification shall be the crossand that you purchase in jewelry stores. Everything sold in the Church stores, as a rule, already consecrated – the crossand the icons, candles, etc. If you don't know whether the cross sanctified (you gave it, inherited from relatives, etc.), it is better to sanctify it. It is important that the cross was precisely Orthodox – with all the necessary paraphernalia.
Choose which temple you want to consecrate the cross – the one that is close to home or one where you always go to worship. On a weekday go to the priest and find out all the details of the procedure. If you wish to attend the consecration, to clarify this matter in advance.
Behave accordingly in the temple – cross, worship, seek the assistance of any priest is to consecrate the cross can any of them, regardless of rank. If none of the priests there, ask employees who sell candles and icons, record of rites, so they invited the priest.
Procedure of consecration of the crossand can be paid, so you will need to pay the required amount. The priest will examine your cross and check its conformity to Orthodox canons. To give a cross you can together with the chain (although the coverage is subject only to the cross) – put it on a tray and carry to the altar. There the priest will perform all the necessary manipulations, will read two prayers and ask God permission to bless your cross, to pour his heavenly power. Henceforth, the cross will keep your body and soul from evil spirits, enemies and sorcerers. It's time for you to spend reading, or prayer, try to concentrate, to let go of all extraneous thoughts and feelings. Pray, attached to the icons, place your candles.
When you bear the cross, wear it. If you have any questions about the crossand or any other problems, then talk with the priest, find out all the interesting moments and say thank you.
Try to treat the crossat carefully is the symbol of your faith. If it breaks, don't throw it out – put a cross to the temple. Wear the cross constantly, not removing.