To wear a crucifix must every Christian, to the Church ring this rule does not apply. Small icons and rings are additional charms that you can sanctify the Church. Lit decorations carry more positive energy.
Due to its shape, the ring is one of the strongest amulets. The circle is a symbol of infinity and strength, it protects against various ills. It is important that the metal from which made the ring. Each material has its properties and energy. Select the metal that suits you best.
Ring in sterling silver will save you while traveling, you will develop intuition. Sudden blackening of this metal suggests that ward took from you trouble. Silver purifies human energy, destroying all the negativity. Try to get a ring of the highest standard, because the purer the metal, the greater its quality.
Gold will help you in solving worldly problems. Ring made of this metal are capable of making life more interesting, to attract new and happy events. Gold will make you stronger, give a sense of freedom. But be careful, because long wearing of religious rings from this metal may cause you depression, and character will become stale. Yellow gold will increase prosperity, red will help you better understand the people around them.
Ecclesiastical ring of copper will help you to make new pals and friends to meet soulmate. Besides, this metal makes the human condition regardless of weather conditions. Copper will make you more calm, but after prolonged wearing of such a ring you can have apathy.
If, in the Church rings and a crucifix, you wear other jewelry, the metal of these products should be the same. The exception is the cross he must always be closed with clothes, so the metal from which this is made, not so important.