The consecration of the house, car, any other thing is a testimony to trust in God and faith in the fact that on earth nothing ever happens without His will.
The Church sanctifies everything necessary for life prayer and blessing. Sanctify things a triple sprinkling with Holy water, recitation of special prayers: Blessed and consecrated (thing) and this sprinkled with this Holy water, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen. Products are consecrated with the same prayer.
The main preparation for the consecration of things is the knowledge of the motive and meaning of this action. Ask the priest to explain the meaning of the whole rite. Some people believe that the consecration of the machine is necessary to ensure that it does not have an accident. But actually it is not, sanctifying any thing, you have to remember that you are sanctified, so we must comply.
If you decided to consecrate something, you should know some practical details. The crosses are usually consecrated in baptism or to be taken to the Church a crucifix and they will tell you what to do next. Products, especially cakes and Easter Easter is consecrated in Church after the service.
If you invite a priest to sanctify the apartment, she must be clean, I mean cleaned. You will need a free table on which the priest will perform his ritual. Turn off the TV, loud music.
Treat with respect to the event occurring, take the words that tell you the priest at the consecration as something very important. The car is consecrated at the temple, but remember that you will sanctify not only her, but myself. The Church is not engaged in the magic that it is impossible to perform any religious rite separately from the person receiving it.