You will need
  • In order to sanctify the ring must, of course, have their own rings and to attend Church. For the blessing of the rings in a wedding ceremony, you must have the items provided by the sacrament of marriage, for example, icons, crosses, candles, corresponding to the rite clothes.
Intending to consecrate the engagement ring after the official marriage, but without going through a wedding ceremony, just to come to Church and ask the priest to perform the rite of consecration.
If you intend to go through the wedding ceremony, then the ceremony will include an element of blessing of the rings. In order to get the wedding ceremony you need to Come to Church and sign up on a certain date the rite. Usually recording is done 2-3 weeks before the event;
In the period from the moment of entry to moment of the wedding need to pass the rites of confession, repentance and cleansing from sin. Unbaptized will have to pass the rite of baptism, including that of the witnesses;
The best day for the wedding is the Sunday, so if you are planning a wedding, it is best to conduct a wedding on Saturday and wedding on the next day;
You must discuss with the priest the rites, all the nuances required for the ritual items, the order of ceremony befitting the bride and groom, etc.
Before the wedding ceremony the young are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or have intimate relations with 12 hours of night, so that from it all after on the eve of a formal wedding celebration from 12 o'clock until the time of the ceremony will have to give.
The blessing of rings is performed during the wedding ceremony, and additional ceremonies are not required. Should not be performed the rite of consecration of the rings, following the lead of relatives and friends, and for the sake of fashion trends. Consecration is a sacrament, it must emanate from the human soul. You must also keep in mind that sanctification can be carried out in strictly certain days, or rather prohibited to conduct a ritual some days. These dates can be specified directly in the Church. If we decide to consecrate rings, you should take this seriously.