Advice 1: How to consecrate an embroidered icon

Prayers for the blessing of the icons included in the formulary only in the XVII century. It then began to appear the non-canonical pictorial images. So before you consecrate the icon, the priest checked, is it possible to do it. Regarding embroidered icons still there is no consensus.
How to consecrate an embroidered icon
If you have bought the scheme for embroidery icons in the store, be sure to consult the priest of his parish for a blessing before starting work. Refer to it should be and if you have created sketch. It will check whether the figure of the Church canons. It is believed that work on icon only mastering the technique of facial embroidery. Although currently there is no consensus on this issue.
Ask the priest to sanctify the icon after it will be embroidered. However, be ready that not every priest will treat you with understanding. Someone of the priests believed that such icons to sanctify should not, under any circumstances, since it is only fashionable kitsch. Someone believes that such work can only be performed by nuns or people who have the blessing of the Patriarch. In some churches required to bless the thread and fabric.
Start to embroider the icon only when you receive the blessing, if you still want to consecrate it. While embroidering, follow lax post. Each time before starting work and after read the prayer. During embroidering, you have to think only about good, clean, bright things. Internal laceration, quarrels with loved ones, resentment, bad thoughts will stay away. In any case, do not watch TV or listen to music. Your mental attitude must be in tune with what you are doing, not the fact that is not related to the work on the icon.
Don't do it at Church feasts, Friday night, Sunday and "the unclean days" (during menstruation). The best time for stitching - post. But then you should not start work in the hours between washing Windows and cleaning carpets. Take your time to finish the embroidery to some day. This work is not vanity.
After you finish the embroidery, see your priest or another parish in order to illuminate this icon. Be prepared for the fact that it will ask you whether you this blessing, if you fasted while you work, the days worked on the creation of the image. It is likely that he will sanctify your work, not as an iconbut as a utensil ("all things"). Do not argue with him, and accept his decision with humility.

Advice 2: How to embroider icons

Among the various types of needlework, especially embroidery, is a special type of creativity – ecclesiastical embroidery. Many believers craftswomen embroider thread for the outline of the icon, not inferior to the real scenic beauty of the icons, and beautiful paintings with embroidered stories and faces of icons, can be as decoration of temples and decoration for your own home. In our days the interest in the embroidery of icons reborn, and all the more common masters, who are able to recreate on canvas a complex and beautiful image of the Church. As in the case with beautiful icons, embroidered icons are created in several stages, about which we will tell you in this article.
How to embroider icons
The basis for the embroidery is sturdy wooden frame with a stretched fabric on it – just as the wooden Board is the basis of scenic icons. Position horizontal frame for embroidery and do not move her in the process. Frame preparation is the first stage of the work.
The second stage consists in selecting suitable fabric, you will pull on the frame. The choice of canvas depends on what technique you will work, and if you are going to fill the whole canvas embroidery, choose linen or calico. If embroidery will be visible colored background, use the silk and velvet, beneath which stretched the lining fabric to give it strength.
Pulling the canvas to the frame and securing it well, proceed to the third stage – transfer to the fabric pattern that you will embroider. It can be applied directly to the fabric and attach the paper pattern to the fabric, and then stitch small hand stitches through the contours of the figure, and then remove the paper.
In the next phase of work, after the pattern already outlined on the canvas, select thread for embroidery. Embroidery icons only fit silk thread silk embroidery has a beautiful shimmer and shimmers in the light, decorating the icon, and embroiderer can vary the angle of each stitch to change the angle of light reflection from the embroidery.
At this stage you need to start embroidery, and here you have to choose different techniques applying stitches to the fabric, most suitable for various fragments of the picture. Use a seam "split" for heavy sewing, embroidering straight or twisted thread to change the texture of the canvas.
Embroidering clothing and the folds of the fabric in the picture, use a twisted thread of greater thickness, and embroidering the faces of the Church, use the thinnest silk. Seam "split" is only valid for the present embroidery icons – all other seams divide the image into fragmented stitches, and the icon must be solid and inseparable.
In Church embroidery filling leaf with a silk thread also is complemented with beading and pearls that can be used for a rich salary of the icon.
In the last step of the embroidery from the wrong side cover with mixture of flour and mustard that will stick by her and protect from harmful influences. Then, after waiting for drying of the paste, remove the hard embroidery from the frame and place it under the glass.

Advice 3: How to consecrate an apartment and a car

The tradition to sanctify the house and many things dates back to antiquity. Many believers observe it to this day. However, this ritual has its nuances.
How to consecrate an apartment and a car

The consecration of things and housing - the case for the Orthodox is quite normal and natural. However, it should immediately be noted that this is not an acquisition of a kind of "insurance" through prayers, as many believe. This is only a request for God to bless the use of new things for the benefit of people. Here we are talking more about spiritual benefits than material. Under the sanctification of something refers to the reading of special prayers and sprinkling Holy water. This ritual every believer can do yourself. For the consecration of things there is a prayer "For the sanctification of all things". It can be found in the prayer book. His virtual version is here After reading it, you should sprinkle the Holy water thing. For the consecration of a car and an apartment, there are special brief orders of prayer. They are in the liturgical book, the Missal. Some believers sanctify their homes and the machines themselves. There is nothing sinful. For the consecration of the apartment you can pick up a bowl of Holy water, a lighted Church candle and, if so, the censer with incense. Reading the prayer, it should pass all the rooms and corners to sprinkle Holy water. However, the consecration of the house a priest is a totally different matter. To properly sanctify the apartment, you should come to any Church and invite the priest home in a convenient and. Let this be no ordinary affair, but a solemn event in the life of your family. Best of all, if the consecration of the house will be attended by all its members. For the consecration of the machine should come to her Church and contact the priest.

Advice 4: How to consecrate an icon

The icon for an Orthodox person is a great relic, a window into the spiritual world. Orthodox Christians venerate is not the material from which made the image, and paint, but directly to the person depicted on the icon.
How to consecrate an icon

In the Christian tradition it is customary to call written images of the great ascetics of piety the Holy icons. In the Orthodox service is a special rite of sanctification of various icons.

Every Orthodox people want to have in your house, consecrated the Shrine is a sacred icon. Icons which can be purchased at the temples, already sanctified. Some people are want to buy the Holy images, not only in churches but in any shops. In such cases, if the icon is painted according to the Orthodox Canon, the image must be blessed.

Most of the icons are consecrated in temples. This can be done at any time when the House of God, being a priest. Usually the icon is consecrated after the morning service. On holidays and Sundays, after the Liturgy or performing requested services.

In order to sanctify the icon you want to bring the Holy image into the temple and ask the priest about sanctification. You can also pre-apply to the seller in the Church shop, izjavlja the desire to sanctify the Holy image.

Icons can also be sanctified, and before the evening service. All depends directly on the employment of a priest.

Some people can ask the priest about osumenyi icons at a time when the priest has to perform some religious rites at home. In this case, the Holy way, you can consecrate immediately before or after performing the rites.

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