If you have bought the scheme for embroidery icons in the store, be sure to consult the priest of his parish for a blessing before starting work. Refer to it should be and if you have created sketch. It will check whether the figure of the Church canons. It is believed that work on icon only mastering the technique of facial embroidery. Although currently there is no consensus on this issue.
Ask the priest to sanctify the icon after it will be embroidered. However, be ready that not every priest will treat you with understanding. Someone of the priests believed that such icons to sanctify should not, under any circumstances, since it is only fashionable kitsch. Someone believes that such work can only be performed by nuns or people who have the blessing of the Patriarch. In some churches required to bless the thread and fabric.
Start to embroider the icon only when you receive the blessing, if you still want to consecrate it. While embroidering, follow lax post. Each time before starting work and after read the prayer. During embroidering, you have to think only about good, clean, bright things. Internal laceration, quarrels with loved ones, resentment, bad thoughts will stay away. In any case, do not watch TV or listen to music. Your mental attitude must be in tune with what you are doing, not the fact that is not related to the work on the icon.
Don't do it at Church feasts, Friday night, Sunday and "the unclean days" (during menstruation). The best time for stitching - post. But then you should not start work in the hours between washing Windows and cleaning carpets. Take your time to finish the embroidery to some day. This work is not vanity.
After you finish the embroidery, see your priest or another parish in order to illuminate this icon. Be prepared for the fact that it will ask you whether you this blessing, if you fasted while you work, the days worked on the creation of the image. It is likely that he will sanctify your work, not as an iconbut as a utensil ("all things"). Do not argue with him, and accept his decision with humility.