The Golden cross can be purchased in a jewelry store or at the many jewelry shops that are working today in monasteries and farmsteads. It can be ordered on the Internet as well. Their range is so great that the choice becomes quite difficult. This process is quite intimate, so choose a gold cross in accordance with their preferences and taste.
For men's and boys ' suit crosses a simple, concise form, without precious stones. Women and girls can pick up an exquisite cross, decorated with engraving and inlays of gold of different samples of precious stones. Children choose crosses of small size, not more than 2 cm, and adults can also be limited to 2.5 – 3 centimeters. Men's crosses are traditionally larger and heavier than those designed for women.
With regard to form, the Church accept the crosses of every form four -, six - and eight-pointed. They can be written in the words of the prayer or the traditional "Save and protect", and can not be written anything. Allowed for Orthodox, as for Catholics, crosses with the crucifixion or without, with straight rails or rails is artistically embellished with petal shape. In the monastic workshops even include a cross, repeating the old forms that were adopted during the baptism of Rus and later.
Choosing the crucifixion, pay attention to what position are the feet of Christ. On the Catholic cross Christ is depicted with crossed feet they nailed to the cross with one nail. Orthodox cross on the feet of the Savior are nailed next to each other, and two nails.
Stop your choice on the cross, which one you like and wear it not as decoration but as a sign of your unity with the Lord for their salvation with faith and reverence.