Advice 1: On what finger you wear a ring "save and protect"

Among the various decorations special place is occupied by objects associated with religious traditions. They ascribe certain properties and capabilities, the ability to protect and preserve the trouble of their owners.
Ring "Save and protect"

The ring, designed to save and protect

Ring "Save and protect" is an original piece of jewelry related to Orthodox Church tradition. This is not an ordinary decoration, it is believed that it is a talisman and protects its owner.
The ring is one of the oldest decorations used by people.
For several centuries such rings, the pilgrims could purchase exclusively in the territory of monasteries, and only in the XIX century they began to sell in iconic shops and jewelry stores. Over time, the rings began to make more refined, not only silver but also gold and even decorate with precious stones. Traditional ring design looks simple enough – he rim of the old Slavonic script derived inscription "Save and protect". There are rings in which the inscription is made inside the ring, they prefer those who do not want to draw attention to their religious beliefs.

If you decide to buy a ring, decide what purpose you do it. Wishing to have a strong protective charm should choose a simple silver product. Silver has long been considered a metal, protecting from hostile words and negative views. If you would like to have an attractive decoration, you can pick up in a jewelry store more expensive option, made of gold or platinum.

How to wear a ring

Opinions about what finger to wear the ring and how it correctly to pick up, are very different.
In ancient times there was the so-called "tongue rings," and it lasted until the early twentieth century.
The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist. But there are some rules that will help make the decision. Representatives of the Orthodox Church give some advice on this. Some say that such a ring can be worn on any finger, others insist on the wearing of a ring on one of those fingers used in the cross – index, average or large. There is a belief that a ring should not be worn on the ring finger, which is usually worn engagement ring. If a person is not bound by marriage, he can put a ring on her ring finger, but only on condition that the rite of baptism is Orthodox Christian.

Ring "Save and protect" is really able to support its owner and help him in various matters and situations. Because the hand with the ring constantly in mind in the difficult moments of life it can serve as a kind of mentor, to remind you that everything is in the hands of God, and in any, even the most difficult situation you must keep the faith and continue your path.

Advice 2: Which finger to wear ring

What contemporary fashionista can imagine their existence without a variety of accessories and ornaments, which complement and make the image exquisite and complete? These ornaments there is a great variety, from small barrettes, bows and belts, to earrings and necklaces. But the most irreplaceable, and so dear heart, are, of course, rings.
Which finger to wear ring

A bit of history

In ancient times the ring was considered a unique decoration, which is often used not only for wearing on the finger, and could act as talismans. Often the rings are used for performing various rituals and ceremonies. One of the modern rituals that you can cite as an example the process of the wedding ceremony when the couple exchange rings as a sign of eternal devotion and love to each other. To get a ring, can also as a sign of appreciation, sympathy and admiration.

The ring is a vicious circle, which symbolizes infinity, unity and unlimited power.

As for palmists and astrologers, they paid special attention to the wearing of rings, and on the basis of special studies could give a pretty accurate description of the owner of the jewelry. It turns out that also on which finger we used to wear the ring, depends on our character, and sometimes even determined by fate.

Ring, ring, ring, where is your place?

Astrologers and palmists are strongly advised to wear a ring on the thumb of those people who, by nature, are emotional, as it will contribute to the dulling of violent temperament, this significantly reduces the aggressive spirit and contribute to peace. If you see that a person wears a ring on the thumb, rest assured that he has a stubborn nature and you'll be proud temper. The purpose of his life is self-assertion and self-expression. If you decided that your onion ring is the place on your thumb, it is better if it is copper.

On the middle finger is recommended to wear rings, inherited, as well as those people who always have no luck in all your endeavors. The ring will help his master to overcome the difficulties and obstacles, to increase the flow of vital forces and energy. Also, often wear rings on the middle finger people, located to the contemplation and profundity. For this finger, it is preferable to choose an iron ring.

Decorate your index finger people prefer shy and insecure. The presence of the ring on this finger will give confidence, to help to rethink previous views on life, making the person more successful and lucky in everything. For this finger is best suited rings gold, or made of tin.

Wear rings on the little finger shows a person with a somewhat frivolous character, located to easy flirt, rash actions and adventures, as it will help to avoid rash actions and deeds. In addition, the ring will help to learn the gift of gab, add agility and guide thinking in the right direction.

The ring on the ring finger indicates limitless love of luxury, wealth, beauty and charm. The appetite of the owner depends on the width and weight of the ring which he wears. It is heavier and wider, the correspondingly more needs and desires. Unmarried women often wear rings on the ring finger of the left hand to show everyone around that she is still free. But people have already linked the knot wearing the ring on the same finger only of the right hand, which symbolized the solidity of marriage and the unity of family life. The most suitable precious metal for this finger - gold.

Which finger to wear ring solves every man for himself. The main thing to make it fit, it was beautiful and graceful, and then it will bring you happiness!


Advice 3: How to wear silver ring

Silver is a precious metal of white color. A large number of people prefer silver jewelry all other jewelry. How to wear rings of silver and is it possible to combine them with gold?
How to wear silver ring
Please note that gold is considered a tonic with metal, and silver is soothing. From this point of view to combine these two opposite properties of the material is not recommended. On the other hand, the modern fashion allows you to simultaneously wear jewelry of different metals. However, your appearance was more harmonious, wear on one arm only gold or only silver rings.
It is believed that the index finger of the person responsible for the development of the personality, talents and abilities to reach the goal. Same silver ring contributes to the negative outcome of all ideas and projects. So try not to wear a ring of this metal on the index finger.
How one follows his destiny "follows" the finger. Choose silver rings with black or purple stone. Worn on the middle finger, they will help you become more visible among the General mass of people. Silver ring with amethyst will provide you with peace of mind, and moonstone will add credibility in the eyes of his companions.
It is believed that the ring finger of both hands starts a vein going straight to the heart. Therefore, this finger is responsible for the development of personal relationships of its owner. Silver ring, worn on the ring finger unmarried women, able to scare off possible contenders for the role of a spouse. On the hand of married ladies ring contributes to the disorders in her family.
Pinkie "responsible" for the diplomatic ability of his "master". Silver ring with chrysoprase will help you to implement a new project idea but with the jade – direct your thoughts to making the right decisions and choices.
Remember that silver, according to esoteric, contributes to the development of magical abilities and gift of foresight.
It is believed that giving someone to try on a ring in ring finger of any hand you are letting into your personal life of infidelity and misunderstandings.

Advice 4: How to wear an ecclesiastical ring

Jewelry with images of saints and the words of prayer were for a long time. It rings, rings, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry. They serve as amulets to believers. They are made of precious metals and alloys cheap that everyone could buy the product he needs.
How to wear an ecclesiastical ring
To wear a crucifix must every Christian, to the Church ring this rule does not apply. Small icons and rings are additional charms that you can sanctify the Church. Lit decorations carry more positive energy.
Due to its shape, the ring is one of the strongest amulets. The circle is a symbol of infinity and strength, it protects against various ills. It is important that the metal from which made the ring. Each material has its properties and energy. Select the metal that suits you best.
Ring in sterling silver will save you while traveling, you will develop intuition. Sudden blackening of this metal suggests that ward took from you trouble. Silver purifies human energy, destroying all the negativity. Try to get a ring of the highest standard, because the purer the metal, the greater its quality.
Gold will help you in solving worldly problems. Ring made of this metal are capable of making life more interesting, to attract new and happy events. Gold will make you stronger, give a sense of freedom. But be careful, because long wearing of religious rings from this metal may cause you depression, and character will become stale. Yellow gold will increase prosperity, red will help you better understand the people around them.
Ecclesiastical ring of copper will help you to make new pals and friends to meet soulmate. Besides, this metal makes the human condition regardless of weather conditions. Copper will make you more calm, but after prolonged wearing of such a ring you can have apathy.
If, in the Church rings and a crucifix, you wear other jewelry, the metal of these products should be the same. The exception is the cross he must always be closed with clothes, so the metal from which this is made, not so important.

Advice 5: How to wear rings

The position of the rings on the hands of the girls give a full picture of her inner world. And also their correct location will make the hands more attractive.
How to wear rings
The thumb usually wear very expressive and energetic people, passionate and passionate. According to astrologers, it is the wearing of a ring on the thumb could restrain the ardor of man. It is better to wear copper rings.

On the index finger often wear rings people are modest and shy. It is believed that the strength of Jupiter which belong to that finger will make a man more confident, improve internal strength, enhance self-esteem. This finger is recommended to wear rings of tin or gold.

The man who lacks good luck in life, it is recommended to wear rings on the middle finger. Also, if there is some ring that is passed on from generation to generation, it also must be worn on the middle finger. It is believed that wearing rings on this finger makes it easier to endure the difficulties and hardships. It is best to wear rings of iron.

On the ring finger is best to wear as on a forefinger, gold and other rings made of precious metals. Ring on left hand ring finger symbolizes that a person is free and willing to start a relationship. On the right hand ring says that the man is already married.

For those who don't have the courage or skills to uncover the self, it is recommended to wear a pinkie ring. Astrologers believe that wearing the ring on the little finger will help you to conduct important negotiations or business meeting. However, psychologists believe that those who wear the ring on the little finger, often lying and prone to adventure.
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