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A popular belief that loss pectoral cross portends trouble, is the most common. Many sources provide detailed information, according to which we can give a more detailed description of this prediction. In fact, the loss of the cross not only portends bad things, but his disappearance drives away from you the troubles and misfortunes.

If the chain or thread on which you wear a cross, constantly torn or broken, it should be regarded as a warning. Try as fast as possible to get rid of envy, greed and hatred. Try to forgive my enemies and to do it sincerely.

Another version

From a scientific point of view, metals absorb a huge amount of negative energy. Crosses in this case are no exception. If you have lost jewelry, then you can regard it as a sign that you need a new defense. Probably the old cross had fulfilled its mission and became powerless. New cross, which will also protect you and to ward off misfortune. That is why the upset loss is not necessary, it is better to hasten to the Church and to acquire new protection from evil.
Faith in God is much stronger than the dependence on will. Loss pectoral cross can be a simple accident. Please note that the Church is very negative about the superstition.

What to do

If you have lost pectoral cross, try to objectively look at your life through different eyes. Perhaps you too often make selfish actions or wish to harm others. The loss of the cross was interpreted as an indication of great sin.

There is one exception. If the cross lost a child, give serious importance to this event is not worth it. Children very often lose or break many things, this happens not due to the presence of sins and negligence. To blame or scold the child in this case is not worth it. The loss happened by chance or a higher power protect your baby from harm.
The Church does not accept people's signs. It is believed that the man who bears the cross, shows his respect for God. If the loss occurred due to negligence, it is evidence of lack of faith.

If you have lost pectoral cross, read the prayer "our father" and repeat the search. You can buy a new cross, but before you dress him, be sure to go to Church and go through the rite of illumination.

If you accidentally found someone else's cross, it should not only bring home, but even to take in hands. Just ignore this discovery and walk away. Many people are excited if they find a gold cross in the street. However, nothing good about it.

If the cross is broken

Broken cross store house. It is necessary to dig in a very lonely place. In the same way get rid of found jewelry, if unknowingly, you still brought the discovery home.